Crafty Allies

Dragorina isn't just friends with pokemon, it's got lots of friends in every world. In the Minecraft dimension though, it's got quite a few friends, the mob leaders, the kings and queens of the different mobs in the world of Minecraft. The Enderdragon however has never been all that interested in making friends with anyone. And when he's tricked into helping a power evil pokemon wanting to take out the mob leaders, disaster falls on the mob leaders and it's up to Dragorina to keep them out of trouble.


4. Nether Land

We decided we'd head for the Nether next. We were off to get Blaine, Feona, and Skelta.
"We're off to find the hotheads! The weirdo hotheads of hell!" sang R.Z.
"Skelta is not a hothead. Feona, maybe. Blaine, there's no arguing that." I stated. "And stop singing."
"Why is it okay to sing sometimes and not others? It's stupid."
"Because right now we're on a serious mission. It's okay when we're at a party, R.Z." 
"Your point is?"
"Never mind. Okay find-"
"AGHHHHHH! BACK OFF!" A golden smokey figure flew by in front of us.
"Found Blaine." Charels indicated.
"Where's he going?" demanded Willow.
"VWAAAAAAAA!" A screaming voice boomed across the area.
"Away from marshmallow!" exclaimed R.Z, pointing to the giant angry queen of ghasts. 
"MERRRRRRRRRR" Feona fired a massive ball of flames at us.
"Behind me!" I told the group as I changed to my normal form. I shielded the group, reflecting the attack with my wings.
"Why is she attacking us?" quizzed Willow.
"Marshmallow's loco! I knew this was going to happen one day!" R.Z exclaimed.
"No, it's the same as Charels was. She must be under some sort of mind control." I said, trying to clear up the situation. "We've got to find whatever evil Pokemon it is that's controlling her."
"GET AWAY!!!!!!" Blaine zoomed past again.
"And someone needs to get firecracker before he burns out." R.Z chimed in.
"Other than the childish nicknames, R.Z is right." remarked Willow.
"Already on it." I flew up and grabbed Blaine as he went by. 
"LET ME GO!" Blaine freaked out.
I used my powers to freeze him in time so he would stop panicking and set him down with the others and unfroze him.
"Not the time, Blaine. Skyte, come on out!" I said sending out my Flygon. "Let's try to get Feona down to a more reasonable size, shall we? Skyte, use Earth Power!"
Skyte began to harshly beat his wings, building up energy, the dove straight to the ground, stopping just before hitting it. His tail slammed into the nether rack. The force shot up ember, lava and flaming nether rack up from beneath the towering ghast queen, knocking her off balance. Now, behind her, we could clearly see a massive evil Solrock.
"Skyte, use Hyper Beam!" I commanded.
Skyte shot out a powerful beam of light at the evil Solrock, but it managed to dodge the attack. Fortunately, the evil Solrock was no longer concerned with controlling Feona and was focused on fighting Skyte. Feona, shaking off the attack, saw us and came over, shrinking to a more human size.
"What's going on?" she asked.
"The others will explain. And R.Z., this is not a movie, get rid of that popcorn." I scolded. 
R.Z. mumbled to himself, putting up the snack, while the others explained the situation to Feona and Blaine.
"Skyte, try Hyper Beam again." I instructed.
Skyte fired another attack, but instead of moving out of the way the evil Solrock released an immense Fire Blast, keeping the attack from reaching it. The two attacks stayed fighting equally to each other. 
'Let's try a different strategy.' I suggested, communicating to Skyte using telepathy. 'Let's see how prepared it is when I don't say anything. Use Dragometeor while it's distracted!'
'Got it!' responded Skyte. Skyte stopped his Hyperbeam, letting the Fire Blast roar past him. Once again, Skyte beat his wings violently. Purple meteors with orange glow appeared around him, falling towards the evil Solrock. It dodged most of the meteors but there were too many and it hit it, sending it into the lava below.
"Yeah!" The gang cheered.
'Something's not right...' I thought.
The evil Solrock rose back up from the lava, spinning, spraying what lava was on it around like a sprinkler.
"Wha- The light of the lava should have destroyed it." I was stunned, but only for a moment. 'Skyte, finish it!' 
Skyte fired one last Hyper Beam, finally taking out the evil Solrock. Skyte landed by me. We nodded to each other and he returned to his Pokéball. 
"What happened?" asked Willow. 
"I don't know. Arceopogrin and I will have to look into it later." I told her. " Come on, we'll get Skelta and get out of here. Even once we've gotten everyone, we still have the Enderdragon and whatever evil Pokemon he's allied with to deal with."


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