Boom, snap just like that.
Clap, snap nothing but that.
Your footsteps grow louder.
You realize its just the ringing in your ears.
How long has this been going on for?
Ever since you were there, you would like to believe.
The more you think about it, the longer you realize its been there, like a constant replay, and alarm trying to wake you up.
Boom, snap, anything but this.

~By Kate :P


4. Just Take a Moment

"Do it," Nate orders to me. 

We were in an empty field, by the abandoned area of the city. To my right, there were a few burnt down buildings, decomposing from the lack of maintenance. To my left, there was a vast ocean, what once was an open seaport which brought in economy to the city. After a large boating accident, they had to shut down the port. The riot that happened later that day caused the burnt buildings. How symbolic, I'm at the heart of my existence. Instead, of being on one of the two sides of the chaos, I was right in between. The field was covered in ash, and small flowers breaking through the old soot. I wiggle my toes into the earth, pleased to find black dirt between my toes. I take a deep breath, trying to focus on my task.

"I just can't do it," I whine. Nothing was working. I let out a deep sigh of frustration. I run my hands through my hair, trying to compose myself together. He walks back to me, not caring any more about keeping a distance. Back at the car was Ilder, leaning against the trunk, staring into the distance.

"Why did he have to come?" I ask, perplexed. 

"He had no choice," He smirks.

"He became your little slave?" I shake my head, disgusted. Ilder deserved so much more.

"I appreciate his good genetics."

"Didn't need to know that much," I roll my eyes. Great, I was stuck with some creep. He reaches over with his hand to move a stray piece of hair out of my face. 

"He is so much more than some slave," I whisper to myself.

"I know, you just thought that a second ago," Nate confesses. He lets out a heavy sigh, looking in the direction Ilder was looking at. "Ok we need you to be able to use and control your power."

He moves away from me again, in hopes of avoiding getting hurt. I bring my arms down, and brace myself.

I was afraid of the power I had. I was too much, to think that I gave up everything I ever loved for this. I no longer could enjoy the long walks by the beach with my friends, no longer can bake scones with my brother. Everything I ever was was taken away from me that night. 

That is when I felt it, in my arms, that same numbing sensation. This time, I ignored my fears, pushed them back in a corner of my brain. It was time to make some magic shine. I aimed it at Nate, hoping that if I hit him, he would be gone forever. He look dumbfounded, unable to understand the about of magic power I had. He snapped out of it, and deflected it with his own power. His was the opposite of mine, black. Mine was a stream of white, pale, warm joy. His was dark, sorrow and cold. When the two collided, it creating horrible beauty. Screams escaped from the beautiful swans that burst from the collision. My mouth was hanging open with awe, Nate no different. 

"There we go," he mummers under his breath. This seemed to grab the attention of Ilder, as he was making his way down the ashy road. He didn't talk, he didn't blink, it was as if he was possessed. He reminded me of myself, drained of colour and happiness. I wonder if he could ever go back to the life he once lived. This feeling of horror and realization overlapped all over my body. 

"There, there my Miscreant." Nate grabs my arm and starts to pull me towards the car. "That is enough for today."

I stop where I was, trying to pull away from his steel grip.

"No," I say, terrified.

"Come on, it is time to go home."

"No means no," I take a swing at him, with no luck. He stops the incoming fist with the palm of his hand. This guy has some darn good reflexes. The only thing is, he fell right into my trap. I release a pulse of energy, which projectile him back far enough to give me time to run away. I run aimlessly to the city behind me, hoping that maybe if I were in public, I could get far away enough. I needed hi out of my head. I was not his property, I was not his Miscreant. I was my own Miscreant. I screamed, I screamed until my lungs ran out of breath, leaving them with a burning sensation. 

I made it to the first block of the city. I could run, but I could never hide. I could feel his presence slowly approaching.

I made it to the fifth block, the streets becoming more and more populated. I could feel his breath on my neck.

I made it to the seventh block. A strange building appeared, a church, a black one. It was never here in the city, but nobody seemed concerned or moved by it. This church was eerie, cold, empty and lifeless. 

Nate tugged back on my head, ripping out my hair. I let out a screech, but nobody could seem to hear me. No matter how much I struggled, no civilian turned their head. 

"Let me back in your head!" screamed Nate. I did it, I got him out. The only problem now was that he had his arms wrapped around me, and was dragging me to the church. This is not the way I was going down.

"Nate, calm yourself," A girl yelled from the entrance. She was stunning. She had shoulder length hair that was a vibrant blue. Her eyes, the same piercing colour. I was left speechless, staring at her. She waltzed over to us, and with a flick of her finger, Nate lets me free. I was ready to run, but she had me frozen. She noticed me, chuckling to herself. Her gaze was familiar, she was another one from the party. She held her hand out, waiting for me to grab it, to get up from the ground. I refuse, getting up myself with much difficulty. 

"Nira, that is my name." God I would have preferd to hear her voice in my head over Nate's. "You are Eriza, I know that, I know everything." She gives me a smirk, and leads me into the church. Why was I still following here. 

Welcome to Mystic. That was the sign that read above the doors, along with symbols that accented the arch way. 

"Am I in hell?" I ask, brutally honest. I would like to believe I am just a ghost walking around earth aimlessly.

"No, welcome to the only place that will keep you safe."


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