My secret saviour


1. hello !

Hello my name is Zoe I'm 20 years old. I grew up in a tiny village in the north of England. I went to a very small school there where only 60 pupils in the whole school and I had one friend she lived in the next village so I only ever saw her at school. I wasn't one of those stereotypical ' popular girls ' but I wasn't a ' nerd ' I guess you would call it. I got in trouble from time to time and skipped class a few times.I grew up being an only child it was the worst thing you could imagine I was always so lonely and my parents where never home. They always seemed to be working well at least they'd tell me that but they seemed to work endlessly. They'd give me £40 a week and leave me all alone. I had no one to speak to laugh with share my problems and help them with theirs. I'd spend my days alone in my cold and barren room mainly watching YouTube videos to pass the time. My childhood is one of my worst memories and I couldn't wait to grow up and change my life.

When I was about 15 that was when I began to cut my body I didn't feel any emotion if anything I felt good like I was doing something to help. I'd sit in the bathroom with my razor blade and slice my arms repetitively if do it for days on end. I'd sit and watch the bloody trickle down the plug hole before more would join it. No one ever seemed to notice. But no one ever seemed to care. Not even my teachers they thought I was just another useless pupil wasting their time but I wasn't I wanted to achieve and I wanted to make something of my life that was the only thing that kept me alive. The thought of changing my life I couldn't wait till the day I'd leave my house and my village and leave the dreadful memories behind. The thought of a fresh change was he only thing that strayed me away from the suicidal thoughts.

But my suicide attempt was the thing that changed my whole life forever. It would never be the same now ...

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