Lost Hearts

Kandice Calwfeild is a 16 year old girl ready to talk on the world with her best friend Jackson Sanders. Who knows? There could be some romance brewing.


6. Olivia Moore

I woke up to the sound of my roosters.  I felt like a bag of bolts getting ready for the day, my body felt heavy and it was hard to move.  

"Hun, come feed the animals" my mom hollered at me.  

I responded with a polite "Coming mama" I fed the horses and cattle and , of course, the chicken. And the day went on like this.  After my chores I went up stairs to brush the ratty mess I call my hair. And put on my day clothes.  The last thing I did was put on my black rim glasses,  why black you ask, because it goes with everything.  Then my phone began to ring.

It was Kandy, so I answered.  

"Liv you won't believe what just happened " she blurted out before I got the chance to say hello.

"Nice to here from you too, Best Friend " I joked 

" Ok, well Jax kissed me " she said as her voice when extremely high . My face lit up.

"Wait what!?" I tried not to scream  into the phone 

"Did some one die?" My little sister was now in my room with a smug look on her face.  Her short blonde hair tucked behind her head in I tight pony tail.  Her eyes we're not the same color as mine. Well one of her eyes was,  she had one blue eye and one brown eye. It seems the pigment in her left eye just decided to give out making it blue. I guess you can call it abnormal but to my family it's not the first.

"No, Em " I replied annoyed 

"Then what's got you so worked up? " she asked confused 

"It's none of your business Emma " after that statement I felt bad because her heart sunken face turned away and walked down stairs slowly, not even turning her head to look back. I continued my conversation with Kandy. And I finally had some excitement in my boring summer.

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