Lost Hearts

Kandice Calwfeild is a 16 year old girl ready to talk on the world with her best friend Jackson Sanders. Who knows? There could be some romance brewing.


1. Kandice cawlfeild

I sat in the dark of my bedroom floor. It was exactly a quarter past midnight.  I took a deep breath, " OK Kandy you've got this"I relaxed " the dark isn't that bad." Suddenly there was a rough scratching outside , I stood up slowly " hello.." I said trying to hide the fear in my voice.  

"Heyo!" A voice replied. I ran to my window and moved the curtains out of my way. A ginger with black glasses was siting on the tree out side my window waving excitedly. I smiled.

"Jax"I said as I opened the window"what are you doing". I backed up and he claimed trough the window. 

"Climbing trees, what does it look like I'm doing?" He smirked at me 

"It looks like you were trying to scare me." I answered and crossed my arms 

"Me? Scare you? I don't think so princess, your already jumpy enough" he joked as he softly touched my shoulders (which made me jump) to pull him self up just to give me a hug. His familiar embrace made me feel safe and energized which can be a good and bad thing. 

          Jackson Sanders has been my best friend for as long as I can remember.  He has blue-green eyes and Ginger hair, he looked like a bad-ass without his glasses, but he usually wore them, for they softened out his whole look. He is cute, but I can't tell him. What would Stephanie say? Worse,  what would he say?


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