Summer of a lifetime + MC

When Holly and her friend Emma gets 5 seconds of summer tickets to sounds live feels live she is so excited. When they get to the concert and get to their row which is the front they both get noticed by Michael and Calum. Before they leave a security guard grabs them and takes them backstage to only be meeting 5sos


25. •Saying Goodbye•

Saying Goodbye~

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I woke up and stretched. I got out of bed and went into the shower. I then realised I'm leaving to go on tour with the boys. I don't want to leave Niall but he will be on his own tour. I washed my hair and dried it. I put on some leggings and a jumper. I then walked out and never seen Niall. I quickly packed my clothes and took my suitcase does takes and put it at the door. I walked through to the kitchen and seen Niall cooking. I went up behind and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Morning babe" I said into the crook of his neck

"Morning princess" he said turning around

"I'll miss you so much" I said tearing up

"I'll miss you too babe" he said hugging me tightly

We stayed like that for a while until it was time to go. We took our breakfast with us and ate it in the car. We then arrived at the airport and then I checked in. Niall came through security with me. We sat down and just cuddled until my flight was called. We stood up and I could feel the tears.

"I'll miss you" I cried

"I'll miss you too but we can FaceTime" he said kissing my head

"I love you so much" I said pecking his lips

"I love you too princess" he said

"I need to go now, I'll text you when I land in New York" I said hugging him one last night

"Bye princess" he said kissing my lips

I walked towards the plane and turns around and seen Niall watching. I gave him a smile and kept walking. I soon sat down at my seat next to two teenage girls. I put my earphones in then fell asleep. I woke up when we were landing. I put everything in my bag and looked outside. I can't wait to see the boys. I got my phone out and texted Calum.


H- Hey Calum, just landed. Are you's at the airport? Xx

C- yes, we are waiting at the door where you will come out. By the way, Abigail and Michael are here :(

H- ugh great, I'll see you soon bye xx

I stood up and stretched. I walked outside and felt the warmish air. I walked into the terminal and collected my suitcase. I then walked through the doors and instantly seen the boys. I dropped my bags and ran over to the boys. I went to Luke first.

"LUKEEE!" I squealed and hugged him

"HOLLYYY!" He said hugging me tighter

"I missed you" I said kissing his cheek

Next I went to Ashton.

"Hey ash, how are you and Bryana?" I asked hugging him

"We are good, I've missed you so much" he said spinning me round

I then went to Calum and then it was Michael. I turned to look at Abigail giving me ugly looks.

"Hey, how are you?" I asked Michael

"Alright, how about you?" He asked

"Great" I fake smiled

"Look holly, I don't want this to be awkward between us okay, I've missed you a lot" he said hugging me

That's when it hit me. I've missed him too, I love him.  I hugged him back then we headed out to the car. We headed to the hotel where the boys were staying and I unpacked. I soon got a knock at the door and I went to unlock it. I opened the door and seen Luke.

"Hey Luke" I smiled

"Hey" he said with a frowned look

"What's up?" I asked concerned

"It's just Michael and Abigail are being so annoying and I had to get out the room" he said spreading along the sofa

"I guess he loves Abigail then" I said looking down at the floor

"Hey, holly look at me" Luke said getting up and coming in front of me

I look up and met with lukes eyes.

"Holly, he still loves you, he doesn't know why he is with Abigail" he said giving me a hug

"How do you know, I love him too but I don't know if he loves me" I said nearly in tears

"Holly, I'm his best friend. He tells me everything and he does love you" he said winding my tears away

I had to tell Luke I'm dating Niall though. I just decided to tell him the now.

"Luke, I'm dating Niall and I don't know what to do" I said sitting on the edge of the bed

"Holly, who do you love more?" Luke asked

"I don't know, Michael..." I said unsure

"Well there you go, you have to end it with Niall soon if you still love Michael" he said giving me another hug

"I know, thanks Luke for this" I said hugging him back

"No bother" he smiled then walked out the room

Michaels PoV~

I was sitting watching tv with Abigail. It was peaceful and quite which I liked. I don't know why I was dating Abigail and why I dated her in the first place. I wasn't thinking straight. I have to end it soon. I just sat watching the tv for a little while longer until Abigail said:

"Michael babe, I'm tired can you carry me to bed" she said putting her hands up

"No, you have two legs for a reason, you can walk yourself" I said still looking at the tv

"But michaeelll, please" she said in a childish way

"No Abigail, I'm not some person who carries people to bed" I said in annoyance

"Fine then" she got up and walked to her room

I decided it was time to break up with her. I grabbed the remote and switched the tv off. I got up and found the remote onto the sofa and walked into her room. I opened the door and seen her sitting on her phone.

"Abigail, can we talk" I said pointing between her and I

"Sure" she smiled putting her phone to the side

Umm, well... I think we should break up. I mean you're a nice girl and someone will be lucky to have you. I love someone else" I said calmly

"Michael what are you talking about, you love me" she said laughing

"No Abigail, I love someone else" I said

"But I thought you loved me" she said nearly close to tears

"Nope, sorry. I think you should leave" I said getting up

She got up and grabbed her stuff and walked out crying. I then sighed of relief and went to find Holly. I went and chapped her door and then not long after she opened the door.

"Oh... Uhh... Hey Michael" she said

"hi, umm can I come in?" I said scratching the back of my head

"Umm, sure" she said moving out the way to let me in

I thanked her and then walked in. I went to sit on the sofa and grabbed a bottle of water.

"So what did you want to say" she asked sitting beside me

"Well, I just came to say that I miss you and I love you" I said giving her a hug

"I miss you too Michael but you have Abigail why aren't you wth her?" She said releasing the hug

"I broke up with her, I realised I loved you so yeah" I said looking at my hands

"Wait, so you mean you broke up with her just for me" I felt someone bring my chin up

"Yeah" I said softly

"Wow, that's probably the sweetest thing someone has ever done" she said hugging me tightly

"I'm sorry holly about everything" I said into her neck

"I'm sorry too" she said brushing my hair with her hands

"I love you" I said

"I love you too"

We spent the rest of the day together and then we went to bed. I instantly fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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