Summer of a lifetime + MC

When Holly and her friend Emma gets 5 seconds of summer tickets to sounds live feels live she is so excited. When they get to the concert and get to their row which is the front they both get noticed by Michael and Calum. Before they leave a security guard grabs them and takes them backstage to only be meeting 5sos


21. •New Album•

New Album~


It's now 3 months later, the boys have bring out a new album and it's going well. Me and Michael are as strong as ever, Luke and Amelia broke up and Emma and Calum are still dating and Ashton has a new girlfriend called Bryana(yes Bryanna Holly, I just ship them so much)

We were at a meeting about the boys tour. They said we can come along and watch. We all clapped out hands and headed back home. We got home and sat down and relaxed. Ashton then said Bryana was coming over and I cheered. I heard she is a model. We spoke for a while until I heard the door go.

"I'll get it" I said standing up and heading to the door

I opened the door and there stood a girl who was absolutely stunning and a perfect figure.

"Hi, I'm Holly" I smiled

"Hey, I'm Bryana" she said giving me a hug

"Ashton's in the living room"I said letting her in

"Thanks" she smiled then went through

We all sat and talked and me and Bryana got to know each other much better. She's so nice. We all decided that we would go the shopping center tomorrow. It was midday and we all decided to go out. I asked if we could go to Niall's house and they all agreed.

"Sure, we haven't seen them in ages" Michael said wrapping his arms around me

"Okay, I'll just text him" I smiled


H- Hey Ni! I was wondering, could me and the boys come over. They haven't seen you's in ages?xx

N- Sure, come over whenever. I'll see you soon :)xx

S- okay bye Niall :)

I went to get changed into some shorts and a top and then we left We all went out and took two cars since we both won't fit. I forgot to mention Emma moved away to America and we are still the best of friends. We all miss her so much but Calum doesn't care he still loves her. We all drove to Niall's house and knocked on the door. He then answered not long after.

"Hey holly, how's things" he said giving me a hug

"Hey Ni, great" i smiled

"Hey boys, not seen you's in ages. Who's this other beautiful girl" he winked to Ashton

"Niall, this is my girlfriend Bryana Holly" he said kissed her head

We all went inside and went to find the other boys. I found Louis in the kitchen not paying attention

"GUESS WHO!" I said covering his eyes


"wrong, take another guess" I laughed

"Mmmm, I think her name begins with H and ends with a Y" he says with his hands at his mouth

"Correct" I removed my hands from his eyes

"HOLLLYYYY!" He said giving me a hug

We all caught up with everything that's happened. The one direction boys are going on tour and I'm excited because I hope I get to go to one. We all decided it was time to go home. We said goodbye to the boys and left. We drove back home in silence, not awkward silence but nice and peaceful silence. We arrived home and went inside. We all decided to order a Dominos Pizza. We all ordered which pizza we want. I ended the call them waited for the door to go off. I went and set up the table and put plates and cutlery and cups out. I was soon interrupted by Michael. He came up behind me and kissed my neck. I smiled.

"Holly, I forgot to tell you but the boys and I have to go back to Australia to pack all out things" he frowned

"Aww, well it won't be long until you's are back right?" I asked as if it were a question.

"Well, I was wondering do you want to come with me and meet my parents?" He asked smiling

I nodded my head and kissed him. we kissed until the door rang. Michael got there first and paid.

"Michael, I was going to pay" I playfully punched his arm

"Well, if you're not fast you're last" he said kissing my cheek

"Fuck you" I said

"What was that?" He said turning around putting the pizzas down

"Nothing, I think you're hearing things" I said backing away

"Hmm, well I think I heard someone telling me 'fuck you'" he said coming after me

I ran before he could catch me. I ran up the stairs and into my room and locked the door. I was breathing heavily until Michael came to the door.

"Holly open up" he laughed

"No, not if your going to attack me" I said still breathing heavily

"Fine I won't" he said

"Okay" I said getting up and unlocking the door

"Haha, fooled you. Come here" he said chasing me

I squealed then tried to get away but I ended up falling on my bed. Not long after Michael sat on me and started tickling my sides. I laughed and kept telling him to stop.

"Sto...p pl....ease" I laughed

"Not until you say I love Michael because he is so hot and sexy" he said pinning my hands above my head

"No" I said trying to get out his grip

"Bad move" he said starting to tickle me again

"Fine, fine. Michael is so hot and sexy" I said panting

"Good girl" he said kissing my lips

We decided to go back downstairs and eat. We all chatted away and then we watched some tv. Not long after everyone was sleeping except from me no looked around and seen Ashton and Bryana were cuddling, I had to get a picture. I got my phone out and put it on camera, I took the photo then turned around to see Calum sleeping with his mouth slightly open and light snores coming from him and Luke ... Well, he was sleeping half of the sofa and half on the sofa. I laughed softly and then seen Michael was still asleep. I then went up to bed. I got into my comfy Clothes and then got into bed. I went on my phone and went through Twitter. I was in the middle of following fans until someone came into my room. I put my phone down and seen that it was Michael.

"Hey" I smiled

"Hey, I'm coming in here because it's cold downstairs" he said flopping onto my bed

He got under the covers and we cuddled. I decided to post the photo of Ashton and Bryana on Twitter.

@ashton5sos and @bryanaholly cuddling. So cute.

I attached the photo and tweeted it. I instantly got mentions through, I decided to look at them. I seen some really nice ones and a few hate but not many. I smiled then locked my phone and pulled the covers up and went to sleep.


I ship BRASHTON so much k that's why I brung her in the story


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