Summer of a lifetime + MC

When Holly and her friend Emma gets 5 seconds of summer tickets to sounds live feels live she is so excited. When they get to the concert and get to their row which is the front they both get noticed by Michael and Calum. Before they leave a security guard grabs them and takes them backstage to only be meeting 5sos


20. •I'm sorry•

I'm sorry~

I woke up with the sun shining through the window. I opened the curtains and instantly shut my eyes because it was to bright. I decided today I was going to go home. I went for a shower and washed my hair. I came out and dried it then applied some makeup. I got dressed into my black jeans and my 'I woke up like this' shirt. I packed my things and headed downstairs. I put my back at the door and headed into the kitchen where the boys were.

"Morning boys, today I've decided I'm going home" I said

"Aww okay, well I'll take you home okay. I'll be at the car in two minutes" Niall said

I nodded then left to go to the car. I hopped in and put the radio on. Drag me down came on. I started singing along to it until Niall came out. He came into the car and we drove off. We spoke the full way and laughed. We finally got to the house and drove up the driveway.

"Thanks Niall, for everything" I said giving him a hug

"No problem, I'm always here. Call me in you need anything" he said hugging me tighter

"Goodbye, I'll make sure to text you if something happens" I said waving

"Bye holly" he waves back and drove down the driveway

I headed to the front door ready to face the boys. I opened the door and seen the boys watching tv. I decided to give them a fright. I walked towards the sofa and put my arms around them.

"Hey boys, what you watching?" I asked laughing

"HOLLYY!!!" They cheered getting up and bone crashing me in a hug

We spoke for a few minutes until I realised Michael wasn't there.

"Hey guys, I'm going to go and speak to Michael. I won't be long" I said getting up from the sofa.

I headed up the stairs and knocked on Michaels door.

"Michael, it's me holly" I said against the door

I heard the lock and I went in. He was already on the bed as soon as I got in. He looked awful. I felt so bad. I went to the bed and sat down rubbing Michaels back.

"Hey" I said softly

"Hi" he said coldly

"I'm sorry" I said frowning

Michel sat up.

"No I should be sorry, if I hadn't kissed that girl, you wouldn't of left" he said nearly in tears

"Michael, as much as it hurt me I don't hate you" I said hugging him

"That's good because I thought you hated me" he said hugging me tighter

"I'm sorry about the full Niall and I sleeping together, I didn't know he sleeping over night" I said still hugging him and putting my fingers through his hair

"It's fine, we need to learn to trust" Michael said

"Yeah, this is all my fault though" I signed

"No it's not holly" he said


I got cut off by Michael kissing me.

"That was to shut you up" he laughed

"Michael, I love you" I said kissing him again

"I love you too" he said into the kiss

We pretty much just chilled the rest of the night then headed down to see the boys. They all cheered once they saw Michael and I together.

"So I take it you's two are back together?" Luke said smiling

We looked at each other and smiled

"You could say that" I said smirking

We all had a great night and then we went to bed. I decided to text Niall and tell him that everything was alright.


H- hey Niall, thanks for everything. Me and Michael are all good now :)xx

N- No problem holly, like I said: come over anytime. Aw that's great, I knew you'd couldn't hate each other :D xx

H- haha, well night Niall, I'll text you tomorrow xx

N- okay, night holly xx

I then put my phone on charge and went to bed. Not long after Michael came in and flopped onto my bed face first. He then got under the covers and cuddled me.

"I missed this so much" he said into my neck

"I missed it too" I smiled

He kissed my shoulder and said good night then we fell asleep.


Yay, Michael and Holly are back together :))


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