Summer of a lifetime + MC

When Holly and her friend Emma gets 5 seconds of summer tickets to sounds live feels live she is so excited. When they get to the concert and get to their row which is the front they both get noticed by Michael and Calum. Before they leave a security guard grabs them and takes them backstage to only be meeting 5sos


22. •Going Back To Australia•

Going back to Australia~

It was 5:30am and my alarm went off, I then remembered I was going to Australia with the boys. I woke Michael up and he instantly got up.

"Morning babe" I smiled kissing his cheek

"'Morning, I'm so excited to go back home" he said hugging me

"I'm excited to see Australia again" I said with my eyes shut enjoying the hug

I then broke the hug and told Michael I was going for a shower. Michael laid back down until I finally came back out. I put on my oversized jumper and black jeans. I then decided not to wear make up today as I will be traveling. Michael then came out the shower shirtless and a towel wrapped around his waist. I couldn't help but stare.

"Like what you see" he winked

"Maybe" I smirked

"Of course you love it" he laughed

"Fine, I love it" I said spraying my perfume

After I done everything, I grabbed my suitcase and headed downstairs and seen everyone waiting. I put my shoes on and headed out the door. (If you are wondering where her parents went, they moved house giving the house all to herself). We put all our suitcases into two cars: me, Michael, Luke in one car and Bryana, Ashton and Calum in the other car. We sped of to the airport and we blasted music the whole way there. We soon arrived them got all our suitcases out. We headed in to the check in desks and put the suitcases through. We went to security and then waited in a huge line. We then finally got past security and me and Bryana stayed at duty three and looked at the perfumes.

"So holly, how did you and Michael meet?" She asked smiling

"Aw, we met at a concert and he seen me and took me backstage" I smiled thinking about that day as if it were yesterday

"Aw that's so cute, me and Ashton met before coming here. I was in Australia for a modelling shoot then we met each other" she said looking at the perfumes

"OMG, they have lady million" I squealed

"Omg, I love that perfume" Bryana said running around to get one

"I need to buy this omg" I said grabbing one and heading to the checkout

Me and Bryana then headed to the lounge where the boys were but before we wet in there was a couple of fans asking for photos.

"Are you Holly, Michaels girlfriend?" I heard and turned around and I smiled as I saw a little girl

"Yes I am, do you want a photo?" I smiled kneeling down

"Yes please, omg and you are Bryana holly Can I get a photo with both of you's?"she said holding her phone

"Sure" we both said together

We took the photo and I took one on mine. We then said goodbye and went into the lounge. We were greeted by the boys. I decided to post the picture we took with the girl on Twitter:

@hollyMcnair24 , just met the cutest girl ever, nice meeting you!!

And I attached the photo.

Our flight got called a few minutes after and we headed to the gate. we waited in line and finally we got on. Me,

Michael and Calum were in one row and in front of us were Luke, Ashton and Bryana. We started to move and then we got onto the runway. I then got really paranoid and Michael noticed.

"Holly, you're okay. Here, hold my hand"he said holding his hand out

I took his hand and then off we went, leaving rainy Scotland behind. When we finally reached the sky I put my earphones in and started listening to TØP. I then took my earphones out and fell asleep.

I then got woken up by Michael shaking me saying we arrived in Singapore. I hate transfer flights. I got up and stretched my legs. I grabbed my bag from the overhead compartment them exited the plane. We then went to the shops and looked around. Me and Bryana decided to go to the arcade. We played air hockey and car racing machine. We then got told that our flight was called. We left the arcade and went to find the boys. We went onto the plane and I wasn't sitting next to Michael, I was sitting in between Luke and Calum. As soon as we took off I instantly fell asleep. We hit turbulence and I woke up. I grabbed a hold of the seat tightly. Luke woke up and looked at me.

"Holly, it's alright. It's just a bit of turbulence" he said calming me down

"Thanks" I smiled

He then went back to sleep and I decided to play some games on my phone until the flight attendant told us we would be landing in 10 minutes. I fastened my seatbelt and then we began to descend. Soon, Australia came into view. I smiled as I was so happy to be back. We then landed and waited for the plane to park. We then were told it was okay to leave the plane. I seen Luke and Calum were still sleeping. I gently shook them and told them that's us landed. They got up and stretched. We then managed to get of the flight. It was so sunny and warm. I decided to call my mum and dad and tell them I'm back in Australia.


"Hey mum hey dad" I said

"Hey babe, where are you?" My dad said

"In Australia, sorry I never told you. I was really busy" I said

"It's okay, have fun. We have to go just now so have a good time" the said

"Bye" is aid ending the call

It's so good to be back. We then got our bags and then headed out. We then seen the boys mums and dads waiting for them. They dropped all their stuff and ran to hug their family's. I then walked over towards Michael. He turned around and smiled.

"Hey holly, this is my mum and dad. Mum dad, this is my girlfriend Holly" he said kissing my head

"Hi holly, you're so pretty" Karen said

"Aw thank you" I blushed

Michaels PoV~

We were walking out the arrivals door and then I seen my mum and dad and the boys family. I ran over to my mum and dad.

"Hey mum, hey dad. I missed you's" I said hugging them

"We missed you too Hun"my mum said

I then turned around and seen holly next to me. I decided to introduce her.

"Hey holly, this is my mum and dad. Mum dad, this is my girlfriend holly" I said kissing her head

"Hi holly, you're so pretty" my mum said smiling hugging her

Aw Thank you" she blushed, she was so cute.

My dad them whispered into my ear

"She's a keeper" my dad said patting my back.

I smiled then picked my stuff up. Me and holly walked hand and hand to the car. I put both our suitcases into the car and drove home. The boys were going to come round tomorrow. We then arrived home and got our suitcases out the car. We headed inside and then put our suitcases down.

"This is my house, my mum and dad will be over in a couple of days" I said

"It's really nice" holly said looking around

"Well after the tour we will be living here" I smiled standing behind her putting my arms around her and leaning my chin on her head

Holly's PoV~

I'm so excited to move in with Michael. I really can't wait for the tour to finish even though it's not even started. Me and Michael decided to just chill and watch some tv. We then checked the time, 12:38am. We never even had dinner. We just decided to go to bed. We went into Michaels room and I flopped onto his bed face first. It was so comfy. I got changed then hopped into bed. I said goodnight to Michael and then fell asleep instantly since we had a full day of traveling.


Yay, they are back in Australia but only for a few days until they head to America.


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