Summer of a lifetime + MC

When Holly and her friend Emma gets 5 seconds of summer tickets to sounds live feels live she is so excited. When they get to the concert and get to their row which is the front they both get noticed by Michael and Calum. Before they leave a security guard grabs them and takes them backstage to only be meeting 5sos


19. •Fun day•

Fun day~

I wake up to boys shouting. I got up and went downstairs and seen the boys playing Fifa. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a drink then headed upstairs for a shower. I was probably in there for about an hour. I got out and dried my hair. I decided not to wear make up. I put my black jeans on and a Green Day shirt on. I headed back down the stairs. I seen the boys still playing Fifa so I decided to just watch them.

"Morning Boys" I smiled

"Morning" they said in unison

"So what are we doing today?" I asked unsure

"Today, we are going paint balling, to the indoor trampoline Center and then we will be going to the theme park" Niall said

"Awesome!" I said clapping

Since we will be going paint balling and trampolining, I decided to change into something more comfortable. I came back down and seen the boys were already to go. We headed to the car and hopped in. We spoke the full journey to the paint balling Center. We hopped out and got our uniform type things and paint ball guns and helmets. We got split into two teams, Me,Niall and Louis were in one and Harry was in a team himself with other kids. We all split up and ran around. I hid in the castle fort and watched to see in Harry was there. I seen someone and shot them and then I ran. I bumped into someone. I looked up and seen that it was Niall, I let out a sigh or relieve. We then teamed up and ran towards Harry. When he wasn't looking we shot him twice. After the game was over we headed back and gave in all our stuff.

"That was amazing" I said jumping up and down

"It was, now to the trampoline park" Niall said running to the car like a kid

I laughed at him. He is so cute. Wait! I can't say that. We all headed to the car and got in. We drove about 10 minutes before we arrived. We got out and went in and got our special socks. We ran daft and headed towards the big bit where it had loads of trampolines. I went to the long one and started some forward flips all the way down. I then started doing back hand springs and all the types of shiz.

"Wow holly, never knew you could do forward flips and backflips" Harry said shocked

"Well, I used to do gymnastics. I've not told anyone" I said shrugging

We then headed to the dodgeball pit. We then got spilt into two teams again. Me and Louis in one team and Niall and Harry in the other. We then went to the back and waited for the person to blow the whistle. Not long after they blew it, me and Louis ran towards the dodge balls and grabbed some. We then started jumping and throwing the balls. I hit Harry and then he was out. I laughed at him. We then tried to get Niall but it was impossible.

"Niall, this is impossible to get you" I said crossing my arms

"Well, looks like you'll have to try harder then eyy?" He laughed

"Okay, it's on HORAN!" I said getting a ball

Not long after we finished. We headed back to the car then to the theme park. I'm so excited. I kept asking are we there yet and the boys kept saying no. We soon arrived then I got out first then ran towards the entrance. We got our tickets then went in. To be quite honest I have a little fear of roller coasters. I haven't told anyone because I feel like they would rip the piss out of me. We headed towards a roller coaster called Nemesis. We went into the queue and finally got on. I was sitting next to Niall. He held my hand and I kept my eyes shut. We started moving and going up. I was getting so nervous. We then reached the top then off we went. I screamed so loud I could possibly burst Niall's eardrum. We then came to a stop. The safety bars came up and then we got off. I felt really dizzy. The next ride thy went on was a water ride. I stayed and watched because I hate water rides. Soon after we all decided to head home. As soon as we got home we decided to order on a Chinese. The doorbell rang and I went and collected it. I said thank you to the guy then shut the door. We all tucked in and are up.

Ashton's PoV~

I'm so worried about Holly, we all are. She's like a sister that I've never had. We hardly even spoke and Michael just wouldn't come out his room and eat. We had to text holly.


A- Hey holly, can we call you?

Holly's PoV~

We were in the middle of watching a movie until my phone went off. I checked it and seen it was a text from Ashton


A- Hey holly, can we call you?

S- yeah sure

A- okay I'll call you in a minute

S- Kk

I excused myself from the boys and left to go to my room. As soon as I sat down I got a FaceTime call from Ashton, I accepted.

"Hey holly" Ashton waved

"Hey" I said looking at my phone

"Where are you, who are you staying with?" He asked with questions

"I'm at Niall's house, I'm fine" I said smiling

"Please come back soon, Michael is hardly speaking or eating. He has shut himself in his room and will only come out to get food which he hardly eats" Luke said

"I'll be home soon, I'll speak to him. I promise" I smiled slightly

"Okay, well we are going to bed, night holly" Ashton said

"Night" I waved

I ended the call then went to bed. I started thinking about Michael. I felt so bad. Do I still love him? I fell asleep thinking about him.


Ohhhh, does holly still like Michael?? Find out next


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