Summer of a lifetime + MC

When Holly and her friend Emma gets 5 seconds of summer tickets to sounds live feels live she is so excited. When they get to the concert and get to their row which is the front they both get noticed by Michael and Calum. Before they leave a security guard grabs them and takes them backstage to only be meeting 5sos


16. •Christmas Day•

Christmas Day~

"HOLLY WAKE UP!!" Michael said while jumping on the bed

I swear he's still 10 years old

"What time is it?" I said with my eyes still closed

"9:30am" Michael said pulling me out of bed

I groaned and got up. I went for a shower and stayed in there for a while. I decided to get out and dry my hair. I put on some comfy clothes which consisted of Michaels tops and some Nike sweatpants. I went downstairs and seen everyone there.

"Merry Christmas Holly" the boys said together

"Merry Christmas guys" I smiled

Michael came over to me and said:

"You look amazing in my clothes by the way" he said with a wink, I blushed.

I seen tons and tons of presents around the tree and up some parts of the living room.

"Wow, this is a lot of presents" I said staring at them

we opened our presents one at a time, first it was Luke and he got:

Me- a new phone case and a SnapBack which he really wanted

Ash- stuffed penguin with Luke's name on it

Cal- a signed football top from Luke's favourite team

Mike- a lifesize cut out of him and another new SnapBack

Now it was Calum's turn, we got him:

Me- new football boots and top

Mike- a jumper that Calum's always wanted but been too expensive and some of his favourite aftershave

Luke- an album he's always been wanting

Ash- some new shoes and money

Then it was me:

Cal- an Mac book snap on case

Ash- some stickers to put over the keys on the Mac book

Luke- stuffed meerkat and the 1975 tickets

Mike- A new MacBook Pro with some other snap on cases

(Can't be together writing all what they got)

Skip time~

The boys were setting up my new MacBook. I just sat on my phone calling my friends and people wishing them a merry Christmas. After about 30 minutes calling people the boys have finally finished setting up my MacBook.

"Holly, that's us done" Luke said handing me my Mac over

I turned it back on and seen a photo of the boys making silly faces for my home screen. I looked up at the boys.

"Really guys" I laughed

"What, cmon admit it's a hot photo" Luke said pretending to whip his hair

I agreed and added on some apps and then I left to go and make dinner. After about 3 hours of making dinner it was ready.

"BOYS, DINNER" I yelled

After like 2 seconds the boys came running. Luke and Calum were fighting over a chair.

"Luke I got here first" he said trying to push Luke 

"I want to sit next to Holly though" Luke said pushing back

"GUYS! You's aren't 10 years old. I think none of you's should sit there after that so Michael and Ashton you's can sit next to me" I said smirking at the boys

Luke and Calum went in a huff and sat down. I couldn't stop laughing. After dinner was over I went and washed all the plates and cups and put them away. Now, time for relaxing. All the boys and I went into the home cinema room and watched some Christmas movies. I sat with Michael cuddled up. After the films were over it was 11:00pm. We all decided to have an early night and headed to bed. Michael came with me and we both got into bed.

"I had a really good day Michael" I said with my eyes closed

"I had a really good day too, that's for my presents by the way" he said

"Your welcome, and thank you for my MacBook. I love it" I said still with my eyes closed but hugging him

I kissed him goodnight and then we both drifted off to sleep cuddling, I wish it could always be like this.


Sorry I couldn't update yesterday. I was spending time with family before we left New York today. I'm currently at the airport waiting to get my flight home.

I'll update as much as I can before it


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