Summer of a lifetime + MC

When Holly and her friend Emma gets 5 seconds of summer tickets to sounds live feels live she is so excited. When they get to the concert and get to their row which is the front they both get noticed by Michael and Calum. Before they leave a security guard grabs them and takes them backstage to only be meeting 5sos


6. •America•


*skip 3 days*

I can't believe I'm in America. I've always wanted to go to Los Angeles. I look out the window from our hotel window and just stare at the beautiful view. I stare at the view for a few good minutes until Calum said we have to go for breakfast. I said I'll be down in a minute. I quickly put my clothes on. I put on my Michael Kors top with Michael Kors jeans. I go downstairs to the breakfast hall and see the boys. I go over and sit down next to them.

"So, what have we got planned for today?" I ask while stealing some food from Michaels plate

"Well, today we just have a free day so why not go shopping?" Luke says

"Yeah, sounds great" Ashton said

So we all agree to go shopping. I love shopping. We headed into forever21 so I could get some new tops. We then headed to Ralph Lauren and I got a new shirt. We went to a few more shops until we got hungry then headed to McDonalds. I ordered a crispy chicken wrap with a strawberry and banana smoothie. We then finished and went to a few shoe stores. We got really tired and headed back to the hotel. After a while of chilling, we decided to go a drive around LA. We headed up to the Hollywood sign. We get out of the car and just sit on top of the car and look at the view. It was stunning.

"The view is absolutely stunning" I said

"Yeah, but that's not the only thing that's stunning" Michael said

He kissed me gently on the lips and we all smiled and stared at the view for a bit longer.

"Guys, I think we should be heading. We have to be up early tomorrow to head to the arena" Luke says looking at his phone.

We all get back into the car and drive back to the hotel. We head to our rooms and say goodnight to everyone. I changed into my Pyjamas and get into bed. I instantly went into a deep sleep. I dreamt about me and Michael getting married and having kids running around. It was such a nice dream.


Sorry this chapter was very short. I'll make it longer next time.


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