Brothers Best Friend

Ashton's best friends are Calum, Luke and Michael. Your Ashton's little sister. You like Calum (I mean who doesn't). Calum likes you except he doesn't show it around his friends and his friends always seem to be around. ahhhhh! One small problem after revealing feelings for each other you and Calum share a romantic moment he leans in to kiss you and ashton sees! that's not the only thing. you've been best friends with luke since you were three.the next day luke tells you he likes you!
(DISCLAIMER this is only my second story sorry if its a bit shitty and in 4 days I'm going to see 5 seconds of summer omg!!!)


3. Phew!

I heard them both laughing so everything would be okay no one got punched in the face. I knew as soon as calum would leave Ashton would be all up in my face, Great! Five  minutes passed then Calum popped his head round the door to say goodbye " we have band practice here tomorrow, you'll probably here us so i'll see you then?" I smiled and waved "yeah see you tomorrow"  he closed the door and I laid on the bed "i love you" he opened the door and whispered so Ashton didn't hear "you too!". I heard footsteps come towards my door. Here comes Ashton.

"so you and Calum" he smirked at me "yes whats is to do with you?!"

Ashton's POV

Whats it to do with me I cant believe her! stay calm don't fly off the wall. "Your my little sister I don't want you to get hurt like ive seen before with j-" she cut me off "don't say  that devil sporns name ever I told you that" she' feisty today "okay I'm sorry" she looks very annoyed "Ashton you've got to understand I'm not a little girl anymore" she is a little girl she is only 17. "I'm only a 2 years  younger than you!" I know that but I still don't want her to get hurt like she did before.



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