The Marauders and the Secret

The story about James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lily a twist of Molly Prewett (Weasley), Arthur Weasley and a hunch of Tom Riddle. And some others


5. Trouble

James opened his eyes and looked right into the sun which was shinning through the window. He covered his eyes and jumped out of the bed. He put on his uniform and went to get a glass of water from the tap under the window. He walked down the stairs from the dormitory and almost fell the last few steps. He stumbled over the step behind the portrait of the fat lady and fell on his nose. 'Are you alright?' Asked someone in front of him. He looked up. Lily, the girl with the long ginger hair was looking down at him. "Dear lord she's pretty," was all he could think. He nodded and she helped him up. 'Petunia says you're stupid if you fall, but I don't think that's true,' said Lily "And so nice," thought James. He felt like his legs were melting and he fell again. Lily laughed lightly and helped him up again. 'She has such a nice laugh,' said James not realising he said it out loud. 'Pardon?' Asked Lily and looked at him confused. James realised that he had said it out loud and blushed. 'James! There you are!' Said Sirius's familiar voice. James exhaled and Sirius came up to him.

'Don't worry, Black I'm not going to steal your boyfriend.' Said Lily.

'I know,' said Sirius and smirked, 'you don't look nearly good enough,' Sirius dragged James down to The Great Hall.

'Sirius, I was thinking we could make-' James looked at his schedule. Their first lesson was potions with professor Slughorn. 'We could make professor Slughorn grow a massive chin to get out of potions class and explore the castle instead.' James smiled crookedly and Sirius returned with a wide grin obviously approving of that idea.

'It's a great idea, but do you know how much trouble we could get into?' Asked Remus who had appeared behind Sirius.

'Oh relax!' Said Sirius and James at the same time both of them grinning even wider. 'Live a little!' Said Sirius

'Besides we're eleven!' Said James

'How much trouble can we get into?' Asked Sirius

'Detention maybe,' said James. Remus sighed and gave up. There was no chance of them changing their minds. 'I'll go get a charm from one of the professors,' said James and ran off to the nearest classroom. Professor McGonagall was sitting at a wooden desk at the far end of the room.

'Professor?' Asked James innocently.

'Yes, mr. Potter, is it?'

'Yes, professor,' said James and nodded. 'Hypothetically, might you know a charm which would make one grow a massive chin? Hypothetically of course,' James quickly added.

'Hypothetically, you say, mr. Potter?' Asked professor McGonagall and raised her left eyebrow.

'Yes, professor,' James assured her.

'Well, I am not a master of charms but yes, I do in fact know a charm just like that,' said professor McGonagall still not quite convinced.

'And what charm is it?' Asked James, 'professor?' He quickly added.

'Nascuntur a mento,' said professor McGonagall.

'Thank you professor,' said James and ran out mumbling the charm to himself so he wouldn't forget it. He stopped when he reached the boys. Peter had joined them and was stuffing himself with cupcakes.

'May I borrow that?' Asked James and grabbed one of the cupcakes from Peter without waiting for an answer. 'Nascuntur a mento,' said James and waved his wand. Nothing happened. No light, no nothing. He tried again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. But nothing happened.

'James, let me try.' Said Remus and raised his wand

'No that's alright Remus,' said James stubbornly, 'I can handle it,' he tried again and was again unsuccessful. Sirius raised his wand and tried also unsuccessful. Remus sighed and eventually after James had tried more times, Remus raised his wand and tried twice. The second time successful. A golden light shot from his wand and the cupcake expanded a bit. Remus smiled satisfied . The boys ran down to the dungeons. Sirius stepped up to the black desk at the end of the room at which professor Slughorn was sitting. He put the cupcake on the desk. Professor Slughorn looked up confused.

'We brought you a cake, professor,' said Sirius and put the cupcake on the desk in front of professor Slughorn. He smiled down at the boys, took the cupcake and took a bite of it. The boys smiled back at him and went to sit down at the back of the room. 

A few minutes into the lesson professor interrupted himself. He grabbed his chin and lt his quill fall as his chin started to grow rapidly. A few moments later his chin was filling all of his desk. Professor Slughorn stormed out of the room and James, Peter, Remus and Sirius fell to the floor laughing. They continued laughing all the way to The Great Hall where they suddenly stopped laughing and their expressions became serious as professor McGonagall approached them. 

'Aren't you lot supposed to be in potions class?' she asked suspiciously and raised an eyebrow.

'Professor Slughorn had an ... incident,' said James and stifled a laugh. Professor McGonagall's eyes widened and she hurried away. Sirius, James, Peter and Remus started laughing again once professor McGonagall was out of view. Eventually they stopped laughing  and started to explore the castle. In the beginning they didn't find much and they were just strolling around meeting a few gohsts here and there and a few teachers and students too. 

'Was they here before?' asked Peter. James, Remus and Sirius turned to look at him. He was staring at a wall. The walked over too him and stared at a large black set of doors.

'No,' said Remus gazing at the doors,  'no, they weren't.' The boys gaszed curiously at the set of doors. James took a step forward and placed his hand on the black metal handels and pulled the doors open. 



The boys cautiously stepped into the room. It was very large and filled with a bunch of things. Remus, Sirius and James turned because they heard somethin crashing against the floor. A golden goblet was laying on the floor and Peter was staring down at it.

'Sorry,' he mumbled. They kept going further in. James felt like they were looking for something, but he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was. They continued further into the room, James found a peculiar looking locket. It was round and had spirals engraved in the silver metal. He quickly stuffed the locket into his pocket and rushed up to the others. 

'Guys we have to go, we have transfiguration with Professor McGonagall,' said Peter and they hurried to the Transfiguration room and sat at the only two empty tables left. James and Sirius sat at the front and Remus and Peter sat behind them. 

'Can anyone tell me what the spell for turning a tea bag into a feather is?' Professor McGonagall said to start the lesson. 'Mr. Black? Why don't you tell us?' Professor McGonagall asked and looked at Sirius. Everyone else followed her eyes and looked at Sirius as well.

'It's ... uummm ... uh-'

'Auferam veniet pluma,' James whispered,

'auferam veniet pluma,' said Sirius quickly.

'Correct,' said Professor McGonagall and glanced at Remus



'Thanks mate,' said Sirius after class 

'That's what friends are for right' said James and patted Sirius on the back. They proceeded to Defense Against the Dark Arts. In the middle of the lesson Professor McGonagall stuck her head through the door.

'Excuse me Professor Langley, but might I have a word with mister Potter, Black and Pettigrew?' she asked

'Of course Minerva,' he said and made a gesture with his hand. Professor McGinagall gave them a stern look and disappeared out behind the door. James grimaced as they followed Professor McGonagall out.  

'As I understand it, you three made Professor Slughorn grow a massive chin and lied to me?' she said and looked down at them.

'Brilliant wasn't it?' said James and laughed with Sirius, but immediatly stopped when they saw Professor McGonagall's expression and just tried not to.

'Five points from each of you! And detention after classes in my classroom.' said Professor McGonagall and walked away. James, Sirius and Peter walked back into the class room. 

'Just say it,' James said to Remus as he sat down next to him, 

Remus smirked, 'I told you so,'



After classes James, Sirius and Peter made their way to the Transfiguration room, where Professor McGonagall was expecting them. She stood up from behind her desk and gestrured to two tables at the front. 


'Have a seat,' she said. The boys did as they were told. 'I expect absolute silence during detention. No talking. No screaming. No laughing. No playing. No nothing.' The boys didn't say a word. After a while James spoke,

'So you know the girl with the beautiful long strawberry blonde hair and freckles and grass green eyes? Lily?' 

'Oh yeah Lily, the one you couldn't stop staring at in Diagon Alley,' said Sirius and  grinned. Professor McGonagall glanced at them but didn't say anything. 

'Yes that one,' said James

'I said no talking,' said Professor McGonagall. The boys looked up at her in silence.

'The one you were talking to this morning?' Sirius asked

'That's the one,' said James

'What about her?'

'I think I'm in love with her,' 

'Oh, really? I never would've guessed! Are you serious?' Sirius said sarcastically. Professor McGonagall looked up in shock, but quickly looked down again before they noticed. 

'For the record your sarcasm isn't appreciated,' said James grumpily,

'I'm finding it quite amusing, actually,' said Sirius smirking

'Anyhow, I'm going to set a goal,' said James

'A goal?' said Sirius and raised an eyebrow

'Yes! By our seventh year I am going to make her fall in love with me,' James announced happily. Sirius groaned and banged his head against the table. 

'James, that's hopeless she will never fall in love with you,'

'No talking!' said Professor McGonagall annoyed

'Why not?' James asked ignoring Professor McGonagall, 'she might! It's not like I have any less chance than Snivellus!'

'That's it! You boys out! I will not have you in my classroom!' Professor McGongall made a hand gesture which unmistakably meant for them to shove off.

'I think James could make her fall in love with him,' Peter said

'Thank you Peter!' James said appreciatively,

'Shut up, Peter. No one aksed you,' Sirius said and continued to protest all the way back to the common room where they did their homework and Sirius continued to protest until they fell asleep.



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