The Marauders and the Secret

The story about James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lily a twist of Molly Prewett (Weasley), Arthur Weasley and a hunch of Tom Riddle. And some others


3. Hogwarts

The little boats carried them through a kind of curtain made from ivy, which hid a large opening in the cliff. They were carried along a rather dark tunnel, which took them right underneath the castle, until they reached some sort of an under-ground harbour, where they climbed out of the small boats and onto the rocks. 'Merlins beard...' said Remus astonished. 'It's beatiful!' James heard the red-haired girl saying. 'Follow me please children we haven't got all night.' said professor McGonagall and walked past them through a large pair of doors which James expected to lead them into the castle. They all followed professor McGonagall. No one was talking. Everyone was just looking around in astonishment. The marble floor was shining from the bit of moonlight that was shining inside the tunnel. Professor McGonagall led them up two flights of stairs. At the end of the second staircase she asked them to wait here quitley, and left. Some children behind James started screaming and he turned to see what was going on. A little ghost was throwing wash cloths on people. James quickly ducked before the ghost could throw one at him. Someone cleared their throat and James looked up. Professor McGongall was staring at the little ghost in anger. 'Peeves! Out!' The ghost which appeared to carry the name Peeves taunted professor McGonagall and then left. 'I swear he looses more and more respect every day,' said professor McGongall more to herself than to them. She was holding a small stool with three logs, a parchment scroll, and a rather old looking hat. She turned and walked towards another set of doors behind her. The doors opened before she had even touched them. Four long tables were lined up beside each other with banners hangning over them. The table in the far left corner had green and silver banners with snakes on them. The next one had yellow and black banners with a badger. The one after that had blue and silver banners with an eagle on it, and finally in the far right corner the banners where red and golden with a lion. At the end of the hall there was another large table. Sat right in the middle of the table was an old man. He had a long white beared almost long enough to be tucked into his belt. He wore half-moon spectacles and James had a feeling he was staring at him with an iron look as if to tell him that he had better be careful wiht too much trouble. Professor McGonagll put the stool down and placed the hat on the stool. One of the wrinkles in the hat opened as if it was a mouth and the hat started singing.


                  Helga, Helga, dear Helga Hufflepuff my dear

                 Loyal and caring always sweet and helpful

Ssss, Ssss, Salazar Slytherin

                                                      Not evil but let no one stand in his way  

                                                       for he knew what he needed to say.


                                                    Godric, Godric, Gooooderic Gryffindor

                                                       Brave and Loyal he shall stay 

                                                  For those who to him loyal may stay


                                                Lalalalalaaaaaa, If none of this in you shall staaayyyy

                                                           In Ravenclaw you may staaayyyyy

                                                           If you have a quick wit of course

                                              For our dear Rowena Rawenclaw was our smartest may


                                    These are our four Hoooooogwaaarts houses! If you in neither may stay

                                                                  A muggle you shall stay!


The hall burst out into applause and the tip of the hat bent as if it was trying to bow to the audience. Professor McGonagall opened the scroll and said 'When you hear your name come sit on the stool. Please be aware that I will read your last name first and then your first name. Prewett, Molly.' a skinny little redhaired girl staggered up to the stool. Professor McGongall removed the hat from it's position so the girl could sit on the stool. She then placed the hat on her head and the hat quickly opned the mouth like wrinkle again and screamed 'GRYFFINDOR!' A few more came up than 'Petegrew, Peter,' 'GRYFFINDOR' the hat screamed again. Then the first Slytherin, a Ravenclaw, another Ravenclaw, a Hufflepuff, another Ravenclaw, another Slytherin and so on and so on. 'Lupin, Remus,' Remus hesitated but eventually he walked up to the stool and sat. 'Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. GRYFFINDOR!' the hat finally screamed. another girl came up and went to Hufflepuff. 'Potter, James,' James felt a rush through his body. He felt like he had forgotten how to walk what if he was put into Slytherin? Or Hufflepuff? Sirius pushed him ligthly and James carefully staggered up to the stool and sat down. The last thing he saw before the hat slipped over his eyes was Sirius giving him a thumbs up. Professor McGonagall almost immediatly ripped the hat off again because the hat yelled 'GRYFFINDOR,' James exhaled and went down to the Gryffindor table where everyone was chearing loudly. James sat down. 'Evans, Lily,' said professor McGonagll and the red-haired girl went up. The hat had barely touched her head before it yelled 'GRYFFINDOR!'  The girl looked at the boy with the black-haired boy with an apoligetic expression. She went down and sat next to James. James took a deep breath and streached out his hand 'Hi, I'm James,' he said. The girl took it. 'Hi, I'm Lily,' she said. her voice was sweet and soft. 'Wright, Tina,' said professor McGonagall. She was put into Ravenclaw. 'Black, Sirius,' said professor McGonagall. He sat down on the stool and professor McGonagall placed the hat blissfully on his head. 'HA!' The hat said immediatly and Sirius almost jumped on the chair. 'Another Black! We should put you into Slytherin eh?' asked the hat. 'No wait actually I think you would fit better into GRYFFINDOR!' Sirius relieved went down to sit on the other side of James. Now only the black-haired boy was left. 'Snape, Severus,' he quickly went up to the stool and sat down just as fast. 'Oooh interesting one we have here I say. SLYTHERIN!'

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