Killing in the Name of Science

This is a research paper I did in English about Animal Testing.


2. The Paper

Imagine hundreds of animals crammed into a tiny sterile room, where the smell of alcohol burns their noses. Tied up, tortured, and unable to move, they may never even see the sky. Animals are experimented on daily to help the common world. There are laws on how they are treated, millions of products are tested on them, and the effects on them can often be deadly.

There are many laws on animal testing, but these laws tend to neglect the creatures, more than protect them. The only law that protects animals in laboratories is called the Animal Welfare Act. This law does not protect the wildlife from any kind of experiments, but only affects their living conditions. This law also does not protect animals that were bred for research. These creatures tend to be mice, rats and birds, which are 90-95 percent of animals found in labs (New England Anti-Vivisection Society, www). Even when the USDA investigates a laboratory and comes to the conclusion that the guidelines of AWA are not being followed, the punishment is often insignificant; it happens to be almost as insignificant as it is to companies that the FDA doesn’t require them to test on animals.

The FDA allows products tested on animals to be deemed safe, though this doesn’t always mean they are safe. Experimentation on animals has actually been proven to not be as accurate in safety rating as thought. Animals, while some having very close likeness to humans, are made up differently, so the products tested on them may not actually be safe for people. Dr. Christopher P. Austin states , “Traditional animal testing is expensive, time-consuming, uses a lot of animals; and from a scientific perspective, the results do not necessarily translate to humans” (www). This shows that animal experimentation devourers our resources.  The FDA also, while accepting  products tested on animals to be said as safe, does not require this type of testing for most products. The FDA will accept most alternative experimentation techniques; which sends a very mixed message to companies. This ends up resulting in most companies testing on living things, because it is the most used testing technique.

Animals main use in testing, is to find the dangers of store products to humans. With so many products out there that are evaluated with animals, it’s hard to boil it down to what types of products are tested on them. While there are many exceptions to this, most products evaluated tend to be beauty, and cleaning products. These include name brands such as Lysol, L’Oreal, Febreze, Revlon, Dawn, and CoverGirl. These brands sell the products used everyday by millions of people; like air freshener, mascara, dish soap, and lipstick. Most of the people buying these product, are completely unaware of what an animal went through for them to have that product. Other people, who are aware, continue to use those products or choose to use name brands that don’t test on animals such as Elf, Earth Friendly, Wet ‘n’ Wild, The Good Home Company, Hard Candy, and Method. The people who use these brands instead, typically also try to use natural cures, instead of cures proven through medical research.

Possibly even more important than everyday products, animals are tested on to answer questions in the medical field. From diseases to infections, creatures are used to find cures and preventions. In order to experiment on the animals, though, they need to have the infections or diseases. For most infections, animals are often injected with the infection so that they can be tested on and for most diseases animals are bred to be more likely to have the disease. While this may work sometimes, Peta concludes, “Diseases that are artificially induced in animals in a laboratory, whether they be mice or monkeys, are never identical to those that occur naturally in human beings” (www). This shows that a few cures found for diseases such as, Arthritis, Tuberculosis, and Influenza, are a few lucky ones that matched up to humans. Many more diseases and infections have been tested on animals leaving no match and animal lives wasted.

    All of the products and treatments tested on animals definitely take a toll on them. After all of the experimenting, animals are usually left for dead, stuck with a horrible disease or infection, or have a new deformity. The type of experimentation usually determines what kind of deformity, or injury an animal is left with. One type of test is the Draize test is when chemicals, or a type of product is dripped into the eye or on to the skin of an animal to figure out the irritancy. This often results in bleeding, swelling, discoloration, gruesome pain, and blindness. Another experiment is the LD50 test. This checks for the lethal dose of a chemical, by leaving multiple animals in a room and pumping the chemical in until they die. This results in them first being unable to breath, loss of motor skills, seizures, and inevitable death. Other defects animals are often left with are infertility, internal bleeding, convulsions, and cancers.

    As earlier mentioned, an effect of all of the testing on the animals is disease. When an animal is injected with the disease or bred to be more likely to have that disease, the creature is left with it for life. When animals are forced to breath in products that exhibit a possible health hazard, if the product does end up being unsafe, they are often left with a disease from the chemicals such as forms of cancer. A few diseases animals have been left with are Leukemia, Rabies, and Distemper. After they acquire a type of disease or deformity they are then often sent to be examined and experimented on to find a cure. The cycle never seems to end.

    Laws, products, and lifethreatinging conditions surround animals in laboratories everyday. There are laws that protect the creatures living conditions and laws that hold animals helplessly being experimented on. Testing makeup and cleaning products on them, along with life-saving cures, is starting to take it’s toll. Animals are left with defects, diseases, excruciating pain, and commonly death. Everything should be done to lessen the amount of animals tortured and experimented on in the name of science.

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