All It Took Was One Wrong Number

This is about a girl named Amelia Moore who received a text from an unknown number that said "Hello There Buddy HRU" She never though it would change her life forever... And she never thought that this unknown number was the Number of someone she admired since she knew about him. And All It Took Was One Wrong Number


8. Telling Nate and hope he feels the same

I woke up late this morning it was 10:00 A.M. and I decided to text Nathan.

Hay Nate

Hey Amy

U alright?

Yeah u?

Course I am why would I not be?

Don't no...

Nate I don't care if ur famous or not. You are an amazing person and I am glad you got my #

Me 2 Amy it's just... You talked so much about me like u were a fan... We first met at your job and you froze... 

Yeah... I was still... well tired... Sorry Nate...

NP Amy ain't the worst... One time I got tackled

Really? Lol


Well Nate... Look... Lets meet at the park and I'll tell you there

Okay give me a min



I was at the park waiting for Nathan and was hoping soon he would come. Then I saw him and smiled "Yello Nate" I said and he smiled "Hey Amy" He said and I smiled "Nate... I know you might think it's only because ur famous but... It's not... the 5 months we talked was amazing... Nate I... Well" I said not knowing how to say it when I was interrupted by something crashing into my lips. I opened my eyes and it was Nathan kissing me and I decided to kiss him back even though I was blushing like crazy. "I know and I feel the same Amy" He said and I smiled. "So wanna be my Boyfriend?" I asked and he nodded "OF Course" HE said and I smiled.



Me and Nate became famous on the new iCarly and soon we got married and had a little girl. We named her Cassie Shay Kress after my character on iCarly.  She is 8 years old and in a good school as she watches reruns of iCarly 2 loving she knows the whole cast. I love my little Cassie and she loves us. 


I know it is a Short Story but it's all I can think off. Should I make a second Book? OF SO Tell Me and I probably will!

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