All It Took Was One Wrong Number

This is about a girl named Amelia Moore who received a text from an unknown number that said "Hello There Buddy HRU" She never though it would change her life forever... And she never thought that this unknown number was the Number of someone she admired since she knew about him. And All It Took Was One Wrong Number


3. Life With Something New

Nathan's P.O.V

Quality's Electronics Here in Hollywood she live here that was amazing. I walked into the store and everyone smiled and Grinned "Ah Nathan nice to see you" The boss man Richard said and I smiled "Hey Richy" I said as I grabbed a few Items. I went to the counter and the lady put the items in the bag "That will be $4.00 Si..." The woman said and she was staring right at me. Her mouth dropped open to the floor in shock. "um... alright 4 bucks here you go ma'am" I said and gave her the money. "Come again" She said in a quite loud voice she must be a big fan. 

Amelia's P.O.V

Oh my god I just saw Nathan Kress and all I did was froze... It was still good wait till I tell Nate... This was amazing. 

Hey Nate guess who I saw?


Nathan Kress

What?! Really Thats well amazing!? :-0

Are you okay?

yeah ;) just shocked wow I... um... How was he

Can't tell ya so ttyl Nate

Nathan's P.O.V

I met her and didn't even know it... Wow oh well That was a shocker


Short I know sorry


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