All It Took Was One Wrong Number

This is about a girl named Amelia Moore who received a text from an unknown number that said "Hello There Buddy HRU" She never though it would change her life forever... And she never thought that this unknown number was the Number of someone she admired since she knew about him. And All It Took Was One Wrong Number


2. Amy and Nate

I was bored when I woke up and it was 9:59 A.M. Nate should be awake by now right?

Hi Nate it Amy!

I can see... Why you up so early

It's 10:00 A.M. it is not early... It's The Latest I woke up!

What was the earliest?

Um... Lets say 9:30 A.M.

Wow Amy Just wow

Did I wake you up?

No I woke up a minute before you texted me

Oh Good Then! So What you do yesterday?

it took a while for him to answer


And what is work

Can't tell you


You will treat me differently 

How You Know

All I am saying is I am Famous

... What?! Are you playing jokes on me?

Wish I was Amy

It don't matter! 

So Amy... Wat do u like 2 do?

Watch T.V. ... Play Sports ... Tinker with Electronics ... 

What? You Like to Tinker with Electronics? 

Yeah... Mostly Camera's and Computers and Phones and T.V.s and E.T.C

You Sound Cool Already!

Tnks so wat do u like 2 do?

My Job ... Sing ... Dance ... Watch T.V. ... and Tinker with Electronics

Cool! So You Like your Job? Are you an Actor

Yeah... I am... i'm not in many movies... but there is this one show I was on and it was a hit

Well that's cool. Oh GTG I am so sorry... I got to go... well go working

Where you work

Quality Electronics in Hollywood

Wow TTyl


I went to work afterwards it was fun



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