All It Took Was One Wrong Number

This is about a girl named Amelia Moore who received a text from an unknown number that said "Hello There Buddy HRU" She never though it would change her life forever... And she never thought that this unknown number was the Number of someone she admired since she knew about him. And All It Took Was One Wrong Number


1. The First Text

Nathan                                   Amelia

Amelia's P.O.V

I was Sitting on my Couch when I got a message. I looked at the phone and It was an unknown number.

Hello There Buddy HRU

Who Is This

Um It's Nate you gave me your number remember Jerry?

I'm Not Jerry I'm Amelia

Oh I am so Sorry... :-l

Hey It's okay Nate it happens :D

Thanks um... Can I call you Amy?

Sure! My Friends call me that... So before anything else how old are you any way?

Um 23... And You?

I'm 25... Hey did you hear the terrible news?

About what?

Nathan Kress

... No ...

Him and His Wife divorced... Sad Really... I shipped London and Nathan... 

Hmm... That's Nice... So You like Nathan

Yeah he is A good Actor. I watch I Carly when I was his age when he was playing Freddy Benson...

That's Cool...

Yeah... But it sad Freddy and Carly never hit it off... I always like them 2

:-3 that is so cool

... How did you Kawaii?

The : Button then the - button then the 3 or you can just hit the : button and the 3 button

Oh :-3 and :3 Cool Try X3

Maybe later... GTG very busy I ttyl if you want to

Yeah it be fun

k ttyl then Amelia

Bye Nate

He stopped texting then... Man I am so glad he texted me.

Nathan's P.O.V

This chick had no Idea that she was talking to me. She mentioned London and seemed sad... She was a fan that comfort  me but she had no idea I was Nathan Kress... That is a shocker. I'm gonna Text her tomorrow and get to know her more

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