Promposal: A One Act Play

Noah and Ellie have been best friends for years.
There is no one else Noah would rather take to his Senior Prom than Ellie.


1. Promposal: A One Act Play


ELLIE SIMON: Female, high school senior. Short, brown hair. A bit on the curvy side, tall.

Sarcastic, bold, confident (on the surface).

Clever and witty, not really open about it.

NOAH COHEN: Male, high school senior. Short blonde hair, green eyes. Tall, athletic build.

Kind, friendly.

Book smart. (Really likes math and sciences.)


Scene One:

(Opening scene. Setting: High school cafeteria, loud noisy. ELLIE and NOAH are sitting at a crowded table, having a conversation. It is a rainy Tuesday afternoon, early April. With prom fast approaching.)

ELLIE. I just don’t like the idea of prom. (Shrugs, taking a bite of a sandwich.) There’s just too much pressure. And all for what? A dance?

NOAH. Oh, come on. (Chuckles.)

ELLIE. (Looking at NOAH, slightly confused) What?

NOAH. So, you’re saying that if a guy liked you, and made a grand gesture to ask you to prom, you wouldn’t go?

ELLIE. I’m saying things like that don’t happen in real life. Sure, they’re cute and all, but it just doesn’t happen. Especially not to girls like me.

NOAH. You’re ridiculous. Someone is going to ask you and completely sweep you off your feet. I just know it.

ELLIE. (Embarrassed, looking down at the table. Picks at the crust of her sandwich.) I…Why do you think that?

NOAH. You’re my best friend. The guys would be stupid if they didn’t ask you.

(Bell rings, ELLIE sits for a second stunned. NOAH stands and offers his hand.)

End of scene one.


Scene Two:

(Stage split into two sets. One is ELLIE’S room, while the other is NOAH’S. Each is sitting on their bed, phone pressed to their ear. ELLIE’S room is artsy, paintings and drawing on the wall, messy desk in the corner. A hamper overflowing slightly with dirty clothes; NOAH’S is small. Red plaid bedding. A book case with trophies and comics. A desk against the wall with a computer, fairly tidy. A few pieces of clothing strewn across the ground.)

NOAH. (Tossing a baseball into the air and catching it) Hey.


NOAH. So, I’ve been thinking…

ELLIE. That’s dangerous. Any smoke? Headache?

NOAH. (Fake laughs, but is smiling) Ha. Ha. Ha. You’re so funny, El, honestly, you should be a comedian.

ELLIE. Noted. I will consider.

NOAH. Seriously. I’ve been thinking about prom.

ELLIE. This again? Listen, if you’re still debating between Jenny and Hannah, go with Hannah. At least she doesn’t fake smile. And Jenny laughs like a robot.

NOAH. I don’t think I’m going with either of them.

ELLIE. (Sits up.) Why not?

NOAH. (Tosses the baseball into the air, catches it again.) Someone else in mind. I need your opinion, though. I really like this girl. I want to make it special. You’re a girl-

ELLIE. (Cuts him off, giggling.) Really?! I’m a girl? Wow! Nice observation, Sherlock.

NOAH. (Looking serious.) Ellie.

ELLIE. Okay, okay. I’m sorry. What about prom?

NOAH. Do girls like it when guys go all out for things like this? Are grand gestures the thing that get you guys? (Sounds a bit frustrated.)

ELLIE. I guess for some girls it is.

NOAH. But not you?

ELLIE. I think…I think it’s the little things. Like if he remembers your favorite flower or song. I think that if a guy makes it personal rather than a production it matters more. More likely to get you the answer you want. At least with me. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not exactly like other girls.

NOAH. (Thoughtful.) No…you’re not.

(Both are silent for a few seconds.)

ELLIE. Did that help at all?

NOAH. Extremely. I’m gonna get off here. I need to shower and I have some planning ahead of me.

ELLIE. Good, I can smell you from here. You stink.

NOAH. (Laughs.) Someone has all the jokes tonight.

ELLIE. What can I say? It’s my superpower.

NOAH. Goodnight, El.

ELLIE. Night, Noah.

End of scene two.

Scene Two:

(Outside the cafeteria, sitting in the grassy field near the parking lot. ELLIE is leaning back on her hands, face tilted towards the sky. NOAH is sitting next to her, rubbing his hands together anxiously. He looks around at the other people in the field. Leg is bouncing slight.)

ELLIE. I can hear you thinking from over here. (Sits up and looks at NOAH) Are you worried about the whole prom date thing?

NOAH. That obvious?

ELLIE. That’s all you’ve really talked about the last few days. Who is she?

NOAH. I don’t want to talk about her… (Voice low, rubs the back of his neck. Refuses to make eye contact with ELLIE.)

ELLIE. (Confused, a little hurt.) Have you decided what you’re going to do for her yet?

NOAH. (Doesn’t answer, looks at his phone.) Hey, wait right here a minute? I’ll be right back.

(NOAH walks away, leaving ELLIE a bit stunned. She watches him go. He comes back a few moments later, carrying his guitar with him.)

NOAH. (Sitting back down, getting comfortable and setting his guitar on his lap, fingers resting against the strings.) Can I have your opinion on something?

ELLIE. Sure?

NOAH. (Nods, once takes a deep breath. Begins to strum, voice joining in not long after.)

(Lyrics NOAH sings.) I know it’s been awhile, since you walked in my life/

And I know it hasn’t been easy/

I am not the best at listening/

And we may not always agree/

But there is no doubt in my mind that you’re the one from me/

So save me from myself/

And go to prom with me?

ELLIE. (Stunned.) I like it.


ELLIE. So…what?

NOAH. (Nervous, refuses to look away from her.) What do you say? I know it wasn’t grand scale…But it’s the little things, right? I know you always say me playing this thing (taps his guitar) is your favorite. So…two birds, one stone, right?

ELLIE. (Smiling shyly, cheeks pink.) Noah James Cohen…Are you seriously asking me to prom right now?

NOAH. (Nods.)

ELLIE. So, all that talk on the phone and the other day at lunch…that was about me?

NOAH. (Nods again, looking embarrassed.) Like I said, any guy would be stupid not to ask you. And who else would I want to go to prom with? You’re my best friend. You’re more than that. You’re funny and kind. You get way too excited when there are Harry Potter marathons on TV. You won’t eat eggs without cheese. You get more attached to book characters than real people. Total catch, El.

ELLIE. (Joking.) I don’t know…What’s in it for me?

NOAH. One, you get to have me as a date, which honestly, should be enough incentive. But, if it gets you to say yes, I’ll take you to get French toast before the dance?


NOAH. (Taking her hand in his, both of them smiling widely.) What do you say, El? Will you go to prom with me?


End of third and final scene.





Hey guys! So, this is the very first script I've ever written. I am working on putting together new styles of writing for my portfolio for college. I thought I'd try something I've never done before.

I liked the way this turned out, so I thought I'd share it with you.

I hope you smile while reading - I surely did while writing it,


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