Thoughts Recollected (A Book of Poem) VOL: 1

A collection of my thoughts, perception and philosophy of life jumbled up in a beautiful 14 lines of master pieces following the iambic pentameter. VOL: 1 consisting of sonnets 001 to 050. This is a collection of English sonnets written out of love, life and inspiration.



Don't panic, our blue planet's a wonderful place
Dreamers, we live, we fly, we soar, we sing
Unlike the desolate rest of outer space
Although all curious wonders always bring.

Rotation; round in love are what it spin
Though man can build some wonders with a song
The life in all the earth create a din
Material things may never last so long.

In striving for control of all the land
Some cost in souls and beauty, worth it not?
It may not ever carry on as planned
The farther most are awry, farther rot.

Our future, past, our present, time be swirled
Don't panic, we live in a beautiful world.

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