Thoughts Recollected (A Book of Poem) VOL: 1

A collection of my thoughts, perception and philosophy of life jumbled up in a beautiful 14 lines of master pieces following the iambic pentameter. VOL: 1 consisting of sonnets 001 to 050. This is a collection of English sonnets written out of love, life and inspiration.



The smile is a lie, a lonely cry
Misunderstood perception of the mind
This moonless night no sorrows' death defy
But twisted and undone for fighting blind.

Companion dark with plume of fog-like gray
Aloof and floating softly on the breeze
For sending others' into disarray
A team, each other never did displease.

With one small jolt the old wounds open wide
And time flows like a river, clouding eyes
Its tumbling waters never shall subside
A rocket launched from stone wall in demise.

But watchful eye come flying to great aid
Goodbyes that day, not one had to be bade.

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