Battle Scars

Characters are:
Abby~main character
Ashton~soon to be boyfriend-new kid
Ed~Abby's brother
Mark~Abby's abusive dad
Peyton~friend to Abby
Ari~friend to Abby

Warning~there will be cutting scenes,abusive scenes,and cuss words read at your own risk.


3. Chapter 1

Abby's POV

I wake up to the sound of guess would be my dad. I get out of bed to go get breakfast started and ready. My dad yells at me and says, "It's about time bitch." He is like this every single day of my hell hole life. Has been like this since my mom passed away. I get done fixing breakfast,so I eat and go get ready for school. My brother already left for school. It looks like I am going to be riding the bus to school today. I put a sweater on to cover my wrists,black skinny jeans,and white converse on. Then I do my hair and head to the bus stop. On my way out the door my dad slaps my face. It stings but I hold back my tears...I know there will be more after school,there always is. This is one of the reasons I cut,the other is because people bully me A lot. I wait for the bus and pull out my iPhone 6SE. I have a message from the group chat. I check it and respond back to it....then the bus pulls up. Well here I go....

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