Last First Kiss

Heart Cornelia Walker had been threw alot in the last few months and when her best friends and brothers decide to enter her in a contest to meet one of her favorite boybands what happens when she wins and gets to bring them along for the ride . What happens when one of them doesnt feel wanted or like they even deserve the trip and it was that one faithful kiss that changed everything she ever wanted in life .


1. Miss Heart Cornelia" Lia" Walker

-Here are the characters Throughout the story . 


1. Heart Cornelia"Lia"Walker 

Playby:Shay Mitchell 

Age : 20

Loves: Music,Classic Movies , Reading and Writing ,Traveling , Enjoying life with her family and friends 

Her goal is to travel to london and spend time with her favorite boyband One Direction.

Something that no one knows :She has never been kissed 

Her Bestfriend is : Holland ,Sutton, Sage & Sophia 



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