Save me from this Hell I call home

Danielle Castella has been abused by Pepper Killian, a stranger that has been "taking care" of Danielle (a.k.a. Dani) since she was a baby. Dani just turned 17 and can't wait until she turns 18 so she can get out of Pepper's evil clutches.


2. Chapter 1

Dani woke up at 5:30 in the morning rubbing her eyes sleepily. Waking up this early was the only way she could beat Pepper's kids to the bathroom and get ready for the day. She washed the sleep out of her eyes while she washed her blonde hair. She was careful with the bruises from Pepper and her children. Even though they were all younger than Dani, Pepper still told Dani to listen to them and they chose to beat her. When she got out of the shower, she dried off and applied the make-up that covered her bruises. She didn't want to use it, as a silent plea for help, but Pepper forced her to. She also applied her facial make-up, foundation, lipstick, eye shadow, and blush so that it looked like normal. She dressed in jeans with a tan wool belt and a black tank top with a short white jacket. She left her hair down but brushed it out, letting it curl naturally.

She went into the kitchen and did the dinner dishes, mopped, cleaned the counters, stove, and microwave. She began breakfast and after that was finished, she went to sweep and dust in the living room. The snobby brats came into the kitchen and served themselves. Dani entered the kitchen.

"Ugh, the bitch is here." Jessa said snobbily. Dani rolled her eyes and helped the youngest child of Pepper, Harriet, the only one that likes Dani.

"Shut up Jessa." Harriet said to her older sister.

"Oh, standing up for the little kitchen maid, are you Harriet? It'd be best for you to not associate yourself with scullery maids like her." Nathan, the 11-year-old brother, said pushing past Dani and Harriet.

"It's all right," Dani whispered into Harriet's ear, "They're just jealous you have friends and they don't." Harriet looked at Dani solemnly.

"But they do, they have lots of friends." She said sadly.

"No," Dani replied scrunching up her nose, "Those are just robots that they stole to pretend to be their friends." Little Harriet laughed at this and Dani shooed her to her seat as Pepper entered the kitchen.

"Paper!" She barked to Dani. Dani slapped the paper into her hand and handed her a plate of food. She went into Pepper's room and put all the laundry in a basket. She did the same with all the rooms.

After the laundry was started, she went into her small room and retrieved her backpack.

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