I love the darkness in you

Part of my God of mischief made commotion in my heart series


1. the beginning of it all

I just turned 18 this morning, and I thought my parents would at least, stop arguing in front of me and yelling let alone remember my birthday. I walked down the stairs quietly at first, but as i heard them arguing i thumped down the stairs making myself known. They usually stop arguing when I'm in the room, but not this time. 

"I should get a divorce. I don't see why i stay here. if it wasn't for noreen, i would have left 12 years ago when you lied to me!" my mother yelled. 

"Then why don't you." my father retorted. 

the kitchen door was closed and I doubted they heard me walk down the stairs. I slid down the wall and sat in the corner, and thought about what to do. She keeps using me as an excuse so what if i left...I nodded to myself and walked upstairs and grabbed my stuff. I packed up all my necessities, and carried them downstairs. They might not have heard me down the stairs but I guess they heard the door. Mom and dad ran out of the front door after me. 

"Noreen?! what are you doing, where are you going?" mom asked.

"Away from here. you guys yell at each other like im not even there. I hear you guys every day and night, and you use me as an excuse. so now you are out of an excuse." i said, walking backwards as i turned to look at them. 

Mom looked back at dad and shook her head. "Then where will you go?" 

"Aunt pepper's then." i shouted back and continued my way to the bus stop.

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