A Rather Odd Change

**A Sims fanfiction for the Gaming Competition**
Jae Rosaline has just awoken in a house fully furnished and a floating crystal constantly above her head. This was only one of many strange things to change Jae's life.
Soon, furniture changes without her even remembering how. Sometimes, she gets the strangest urges to do the most random things at any time of day. It seems she can't even move chairs and furniture without needing someone to move it for her.
Jae decided that she needs to break free of this curse that she's under, but how? Will she be controlled like a ragdoll forever? And by who?


1. Waking Up Dumbstruck

Waking up in a fully furnished house without any memories of what life was like before awakening would send most people to a hospital. But, for some reason, the thought sat pretty well in my head. This all seemed perfectly normal. Well, most of it anyway.

I walked into the house that I predicted was mine. It was furnished with an assortment of brown and black furniture. The first room that I entered was the living room, which was filled with a leather couch, a TV on a TV stand, an armchair, a deep red coffee table and a bookshelf. Out of nowhere, I found myself immediately walking into the next room; the kitchen.

As far as kitchens go, this one seemed rather nice. Black counters, silver appliances. It was all rather new. Then, I was drawn into the next room.

The study seemed to be a place that I would spend lots of my time. There was a guitar, another bookshelf, a computer with a desk, and small plants here and there. I found myself drawn to the guitar and walked over. It felt familiar in my hands, yet somehow foreign and strange. I tried strumming the string, only to hear a scratching noise. Yet, I found myself oddly compelled to continue strumming.

I strummed and strummed, completely forgetting that I had a whole house to explore. The guitar seemed to enthrall me in notes, begging me to play it and get better. But, a strange feeling told me to stop, and I put down the guitar to continue my tour.

My bedroom was also very spacious and comforting. The bed had very soft, silky blankets that were blood red and went with the blackness of the bed and side table. Then, I noticed the mirror on the other end. Being completely unaware of what I looked like, I decided to take a peek.

I jumped back, scared of what I saw in the reflection. Not the bright red hair or white tank top and ripped black jeans. Or of the darker red beanie and black combat boots. It was... the crystal.

Right above my head was a floating green crystal.

I tried to reach up to touch it, but when I got almost to the crystal my hands seemed to be blocked by a mini force. The thought quickly escaped my mind as I walked into the next room.

There was a bathroom and a backyard, which weren't as exciting as the other rooms. It was one floor and just enough space for one single person like me to live. The thought of the crystal seemed to vanish from my head as I watched the sun go down outside. Without even a thought, I was pulled inside right as the moon started to rise. My legs seemed to move me into the kitchen and my arms threw open the fridge. I pulled out a plate of assorted ingredients and started chopping away. Within minutes, a salad was made. I walked over to the couch and ate the salad, the tastes bland in my mouth.

After I washed the bowl, I started to feel extremely tired. I sluggishly walked over to my bedroom, swirled around and changed into my pajamas and passed out.

The crystal was completely gone from my thoughts.


As I got dressed for the next day, it hit me that I didn't have a job. How was I paying for this house without a job? This resulted in a dash to the computer after breakfast.

It seemed like only a few jobs were hiring; waitress, scientist assistant, dishwasher, and store clerk. Without a second thought, I accepted the job as a waitress and a work schedule popped into my head. Work started tomorrow at eleven.

The only thing I could think about doing was the guitar, so off I went to play. Though, my thoughts were somewhere else. When I looked in the mirror this morning to change, I truly noticed the crystal again. And I became conscious of the movements I was making without even thinking about it. But, I decided to put it all in a safer spot. Maybe I wasn't supposed to think about that. Maybe Sims weren't allowed to think about their curiosities.

Wait, Sims?

The word had appeared in my head so familiarly that it flew over my head when I thought about it. I had even referred to myself as a "Sim." So, was that what I was? A Sim?

As quickly as the thoughts had appeared, they were gone. I didn't have an urge to play the guitar anymore and walked into my living room. But, there was something there that wasn't there yesterday: a stereo. Jogging over, I looked at it with wonder. It was something I didn't even think I wanted, but suddenly felt fulfilled after receiving it. I didn't remember buying it, though. The thought quickly left as I turned it on and started dancing to the "Electronic" station. Thoughts I had tended to leave unexpectedly, but in the moment I never seemed to mind.

All I wanted to do was dance.

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