She is running from her past but when confronted with an old friend, can he save her before it is too late?


1. Running.

Once upon a time there was a girl who was running from a tortured past. She never stopped running because if she ever did, she would remember what had once happened to her in the darkness which was the beginning of her life. She couldn’t face the truth and so kept moving, never staying in one place for too long.

Every day, she wondered when and if she would escape from the grasp of her nightmares and her past but could never picture herself in a normal life. She knew that it couldn’t go on forever but the end of the road was far from her sight. Eventually it would all catch up with her and she would have to face and accept the truth. She wasn’t ready yet.

One day, as she was moving from one town to the next, a boy stood in her way and asked her what she was running from. She remembered his face from her childhood but yet couldn’t tell him the truth. He watched her panic and try to escape but he stood his ground, eyes filled with worry and concern. At one time he had loved her but now she was just the shadow of her former self. She was not the same anymore.

“You don’t understand,” she had told him.

“Then help me to…” he had replied all those years ago. She had left him with no explanation and had never looked back on the life they could have shared.

Finally after gazing into the pool of  his eyes , she collapsed on the ground and told him everything. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she recounted the death and tragedy which filled her life. Her family, her friends, he was the only one left. She had lost so much and needed to break free from the chains which bound her. He now understood. He know understood it all. Holding her in his arms, he comforted her and told her that none of it was her fault and that everything that they once had they could have again.

“Love never dies,” he told her as he led her away from the eyes watching them. “And I always have and will love you…”

Because of that day, he understood her and once again, destinies hand brought them together.

Once upon a time there was a girl who was always running,

 Until finally she found a home and  ran no more.

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