Kidnapped by my lover?

"Let me go!" I yelled crying
"I don't think i can do that babe" He said
Will I ever get out of here? Will I ever get to see my friends?


2. A/N

Congratulations to the three girls who won the contest!

Raeghlyn Liams gf (Sorry if i spelt your name wrong)

Arielle Zayns gf 

and, Siara Nialls gf 

If anyone else wants to be mentioned in the story just comment down below answering just 3 simple questions, you can do this anytime you want to there is no deadline

1).What part do you want to play 

2)What do you look like 

3)What's your personality like?

So that's it congrats to the three girls!

I will update very soon! :)

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