She Tried

Gretchen, a an almost normal teenager, gets bullied and judged everywhere for who she is.


1. First Day

Gretchen is a girl that always got bullied in school, just for her looks. People would judge her for the way she looked, 
especially for the clothes she wore. She enjoyed wearing skirts for some sort of reason, so she wore them everyday. Her 
skirts were plagued, and long. She always wore long sleeved, dullish colored tops. Her hair would always be worn in a 
side braid, because the students in her class pulled it. She had brunette, tatty hair. She wore shoes that were 
chewed up by Clark, her vicious German Shepherd who nibbled on almost everything in his sight.  All the other kids
would come to school, wearing jogging pants, or leggings, with a T-Shirt or a nice top. 
    "Wake up Gretch, you got to get ready for school now." said her mother, Silvia. Gretchen got up and got ready
for school, knowing what would happen when she was on her way, in the cause that it happened every day. She took a 
shower, put her clothes on, brushed her hair, then was on her way. She walked to school. Three girls named Maya, 
Elizebeth, and Marrissa, always ganged up on her everytime they would see her. "What you got for lunch?" asked Maya. Gretchen did the normal, handed them her lunch. On the way there, they were following her, teasing her, calling her names. When she got to school, she went in the classroom, and sat down in her seat, all the way in the back corner, by herself. She barely talked to anybody.
      After an hour of silence, the bell rang. "Alright class, time to go to History. Don't forget to do page eleven in your 
 books" yelled Ms. Hope, the schools math teacher. Ms. Hope was one of the nicest teachers in the school. Students respected her than any other teacher. Gretchen was close to Ms. Hope. She would tell her everything that was going on. Walking across the hall to get to her next class, Gretchen heard the voice of a boy. A boy she knew for a long time. Sense kindergarten perhaps. "Ragady Ann, Ragady Ann." the boy repeated. Gretchen did the postivie thing to do, ignored him, and just continued to walk 
to history.
        When Gretchen sat down, without knowing, Kyle, a boy Gretchen had a major crush on, sat next to her. Kyle disliked Gretchen just because she was bullied. He just wanted to fit in, and hate her, like everybody else for no apparent reason. Although Gretchen knew that Kyle disliked her, she still continued to like him anyway. Gretchen was fixing her hair, and fixing the way she sat, so she could look nice for Kyle. Kyle didn't even look at her, not even a glance. Minutes later, Gretchen felt a sharp poke on her back. She turned around and there were about 5 people smirking. Gretchen scooted herself up, closer to her
desk. But she felt a poke again. "Can you please stop?" Gretchen kindly asked. "Stop what?" asked Emily, the girl poking her. "Poking me." Gretchen exclaimed. "Oh, well I'm not poking you." "Then who is?". Emily just gave her a dirty look, then started
to do her work. 
      It was time to go to lunch. Gretchen never had lunch, because of the whole morning incident, so she always had to go without a lunch, and ate whenever she returned home. During lunch, Gretchen went up to Ms. Hope's room to talk to her. "Hi Ms. Hope" said Gretchen. "Oh well hi there!" Said Ms. Hope excitingly. Gretchen told Ms. Hope about everything that happened
that day. Ms. Hope felt bad for Gretchen. so she gave her lunch to her. Gretchen was greatly pleased. They spent the whole lunch period talking. Once lunch was over, Gretchen went to her classroom to wait for the rest of her class.

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