The girl next door

This is about The 5sos band member MICHAEL( sorry) before he was famous and a girl who moves in next door


10. How could this happen to me ?

Hey guys had a huge idea today not gonna ruin it but I hope you enjoy this chapter -Fanboy_4_5sos

"Well I guess we got to move sometime"-Michael

"Yeah aha"-Catherine

*Michael looking at the clock seeing it flash 10:00*

"It's only 10:00?"-Michael

"Well yeah aha"-Catherine

"World record! Haha"-Michael


*They both walk downstairs to see Kate sitting there watching TV*

"uh Hey Kate "-Michael

"Morning both"-Kate


*they both sit down on the sofa next to each other*

*they sit there just watching the news*

"News just in , Michael Clifford ,no show? Michael Clifford has not shown up to 5sos's recent concert "-News reporter

"Oh shitttttt"-Michael

"Oh .. shit"-Catherine


*Michael Shot up checked his phone and saw 20 miss calls from each of the boys*

"I've gotta go Cathie"-Michael

"Okay Mikey , bye"-Catherine

*Michael pecked Catherine on the cheek *

"Bye Kate"-Michael


*Michael Runs out to his car of course again he forgets his keys... again*

*Michael finally gets his keys and starts driving quickly down the main road going over the speed limit*

"Shit shit shit, the boys are gonna kill m--"-Michael was cut off a car was coming straight at him , it was too late he couldn't swerve there was a ,*SCREECH* and a *Bang*

•Back with Catherine 20 Mins earlier•

*Sitting down watching TV with Kate*

"So what was it like?"-Kate


"Being on stage , having everyone know who you are having him sing for you?"-Kate

"Your not jealous are you?"-Catherine

"Me , jealous? haha no I was just asking"-Kate

"Oh okay good"--Catherine

*Michaels car whizzed off down the street *

"He's gotta be careful driving that , death trap haha"-Kate

"It's not a Deathtrap Kate"-Catherine

*30 mins later*


*Both Catherine's and Kate's Jaws dropped*

"Oh my fucking God!"-Catherine

*starts breaking down*


*starts hugging Catherine*

"C'mon Cath you know he's a tough cookie , he'll get through this"-Kate

"Yeah I guess"-Catherine


"C'mon Cath lets go to the hospital they should let us go see him"-Kate

"Yeah sure lets go"-Catherine

*They both run out to Kate's car and drive to the hospital*

*30 mins later*

•With Michael•

*Everything was blurry and bright, he tried to sit up but then realised he could not move , he was being pushed on a tray/trolley type thing*

*Michael is taken into an X-ray room to X-ray his head and then the Doctors did some tests on his brain*

•Back With Catherine and Kate•

"I'm here to see Michael Clifford"-Catherine

"Oh yes dear he's down the hall turn to the right and he's the second door on the left"-woman

"Thank you"-Catherine

*Catherine and Kate run down the hall and turn to Michael's room*

*the doctor walks out*

"Any news doc?"-Kate

"I'm sorry, Michael has a head injury and cannot remember what has happened in life , he has Amnesia"-Doctor

"Omg"-Catherine starts crying

"Is it permanent?"-Kate

"No but we're not sure yet how long he'll be like this it may be Days , months maybe even years, I'm sorry , Catherine is it?"-Doctor

"Y-yes, wait how'd you know"-Catherine

"When Michael was brought in he was conscious but only just, he just kept on saying your name and then he fell unconscious we did tests X-rays everything we can, in again very sorry"-Doctor

"Thank you doc"-Catherine

*Catherine and Kate walk in the room*

*They see Michael sitting there on his bed*

"Oh hey doc...."-Michael

"Umm not to be rude , who are you?"-Michael

"Michael i-its me Catherine , I'm your girlfriend"-Catherine

"Huh?! I have a girlfriend? And such a beautiful one as that too"-Michael

"Whew I thought he might've changed he's still the same"-Kate

"Uh thanks I guess"-Michael

"Michael do you even know who you are?"-Catherine

"Well I'm guessing my names Michael seeing that you all call me that"-Michael

*There was a silence in the room Michael And Catherine couldn't stop staring at eachother*

"What happened ?"-Michael

"You were in an accident , on your way to your show"-Catherine

"Oh okay"-Michael

"When can I go home?"-Michael

"I'm not sure I'll try and find the doctor"-Kate

"Okay thanks"-Michael

*Catherine and Michael sat in a room on their own talking to eachother , Catherine desperately trying to get him remember but there was no luck*

"So I'm in a band you say?"-Michael


"What's it called?"-Michael

"It's called 5 seconds of summer"-Catherine

"Oh nice , smart name , I must've come up with it haha"-Michael

"Oh you haven't changed at all have you hahaha"-Catherine

*The Doctor walks in with Kate following behind*

"Hello Michael"-Doctor

"Ah hello Doctor"-Michael

"So Catherine , I know this must be hard for you but do you think he could stay with you for a while until maybe his memory comes back , it'd be dangerous to leave him alone"-Doctor

"Yes of course he can"-Catherine

*They leave the hospital with Michael and drive back to Catherine's house*

"Well this is your home for now Michael"-Kate

"Hey!, he can stay for as long as he needs"-Catherine

"Yeah I know I was just saying"-Kate


"Great thanks"-Michael

*They all Walk inside*

•One Week Later•

*No hope , No hope they said , he would never be the same*

"This is hopeless"-Kate

"I will never give up!"-Catherine

•Coming from Catherine's room•

*Michael Singing You look so perfect*


"How can he ..?"-Catherine

*They both ran up to the room*

*They Burst through the door*

"Michael!, you remember !??"-Catherine

"Um yes.. I uh kinda got hit on the head again by a book , don't ask, and it all came back"-Michael


"Bloody hell"-Catherine

"Uh yeah haha"-Michael

*Catherine runs up to Michael and hugs him tight*

"Woah easy there you may pop my brain out"-Michael

"Haha funny Michael"-Catherine

"Well I'll leave you two to it."-Kate

*They just led there for hours they were so comfortable and just wanted to be with each other that they would not move so they stayed there all day listening to music*

Hey guys I know it's been a while but this was actually done for a while when I was at a tuff part of my life and was put off from writing and now I have come back so that I can finish and carry on what I'd started and of what many people like , also THANK YOU FOR 4K READS it may not be the biggest thing but it makes me so happy that you enjoy this and that you want more of this thank you so much and if you want anything to be added in to the next chapter please let me know and I will be sure to add it in or the next chapter , thanks again and I can't wait for the next one- Fanboy_4_5sos

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