My Writer's Journal

A collection of all of my writings I've done in school, and for other reasons.


8. Victior's VInes of Doom

This is a short story I wrote in sixth grade. 



    She had been warned about the book. Mr. Rogers had told her it withheld some unknown power and that it was not to be played with. She didn’t believe him of course. He was just some scrawny old librarian right? The more he went on, the more she wanted it. Because he didn't know anything; or did he?

    “Hey, Sarah, wait up,” Victor yelled, as he ran to catch up with her. She stopped; they had been best friends since kindergarten, and they always went to the library after school.

    “What’d you get?” he asked, out of breath.

    “The Chronicles of Vigors Vines,” she said. “She didn’t tell him about the whole spill Mr.Rogers gave her.

“What’d you get?” she said instead.

“Snow White,” the old version.

“You’ve always been a sucker for fantasy haven't you,” she said sarcastically.

“And you’ve always been a sucker for anything scary, haven’t you,” he said as he pushed her playfully. She laughed.

After that they walked in silence. She purposely stepped on a stick and tried to scare him. “Hey did you hear that? she said almost bubbling over with laughter.

“Wha-” he said because that’s all he could get out, before she screamed, and he took off running back the way that they had came. This time she did bubble over with laughter. He had fell for it again. Again! It was the seventh time!

After that Sarah walked home without an incident in sight.

Sarah had chores that night. Lots of them. Homework,dishes,laundry, and by the time she was done, it was time to go to bed. But she really wanted to read that book! So she sneaked it.

She felt a twinge of guilt as she did, but after she started reading she couldn’t stop.

It was a wonderful(more like horrid story) about a giant who unleashed hundreds of vines with poison thorns all over the city. The vines poisoned everyone into thinking that bad was good. The giant turned them into his army, and they became known as Victor’s Vines of doom.

    Sarah was asleep as soon as she finished the very last page of the book, and she left it open. Thats when the spirit of the giant returned.

    The giant first just swirled around the room. Then he went  inside her brain and  intimidated her life with horror when she woke up. Every sound she jump at, and every shadow she saw screamed. She knew something bad had happened, she felt queasy all over, and she knew something  bad has happened. Even worse she felt it was victor.

The giant then wanted to do something even worse, and he did. He filled her parents with hate for her and her brother and each other,they lashed out at each other for no apparent reason at all.He even turned Sarah’s brother on her until the house wa so filled with hate it broke apart. Her dad left for Brooklin because he just didn’t care for any of them and would rather be dead than be with them. Her mom left for San Diego  for the same reason. Sarah’s brother even went to a different orphanage then her, because he  requested it. The giant had tore her apart just as he had the librarian., and thats why he had warned her though she didn’t figure this out.

Sarah walked the streets with grief slowly healing from pain and filling with hate for Victor. People locked their doors afraid of her. She knocked over garbage cans. Scared cats and dogs until she disappeared. Some people said she went to the woods and died their. But most people say she still roams the street as a ghost looking for someone, someone named Victor. The wrong Victor.

    Eventually she found Victor, she went after him too. She did the same thing that the right Victor had done to her, only she covered it  up by making him think that  it wasn’t her that did it. That it was Katherine. The girl that ran  away from home.  Except it was the wrong Victor and, he never ended up like her rigid ,dead ,and a ghost. He had became like the librarian. heart torn out and full of a longing for revenge  on Sarah. Sad and hurt he went after  the girl  she turned him on and here she is writing the story, sad,  scared ,and lonely.     

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