My Writer's Journal

A collection of all of my writings I've done in school, and for other reasons.


5. Valentines Day Sucks

I have no idea why I wrote this one. 

The loud honks of the busy street in New York woke me from my daydream. I pulled forward realizing the light had turned green and that there was a fine looking man at the end of the road waiting for a taxi. I pulled over and picked him up. “Hanover Square please,” he said joyfully “I’m meeting my wife there for dinner!” Oh right. It was February 14th. Exhausted I side, I’d have to bear with people who thought they were in love all day. The only bright side was that tomorrow, chocolate would be half off. I loved chocolate. After a few minutes he started blabbering on to me about his kids. I nodded at the appropriate times, though, I wasn't really paying attention to what he said. I recognized his voice, but I couldn’t remember from where.


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