My Writer's Journal

A collection of all of my writings I've done in school, and for other reasons.


3. Mystery Object

In this assignment, we had to find an object outside, and use our five senses to describe it. Try to figure out the object.




The object is triangular, and mostly gray black. It is shiny and has blue paint over half of it. Inside the object is other visible objects that are related to it. About the size of a gum ball it, has a camouflage feel. When dropped is has a hard quick sound, with a smaller sound following it. When rolled it has a trail of short bursts of hard sounds before becoming silent. It’s bumpy texture, has a gritty feel, and leaves hands covered in dirt. It’s hard, and if handled wrong feels as if you’ve been bitten by a small snake. It has a fresh smell that makes it easier to breath, like a fresh spring day. A tinge of dirt and grass follow the fresh minty like smell that first is experienced. It has a salty taste, with a hint of dirt. It feels cold, and tastes very dry. It’s like a over-salted dry banana skin.


I'm a rock.

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