My Writer's Journal

A collection of all of my writings I've done in school, and for other reasons.


6. Lewis and Clark

In history we had to write a thank you letter for our Lewis and Clark unit, so I choose to write one from the point of view of a man who worked with Lewis and Clark. 

Dear Lewis and Clark,


    Let me just start out by saying thank you so much for everything you have done on this expedition!!! You have truly been great leaders. When I jumped into the water because the bear was chasing me I thought it was the end for me. That was until you shot the bear and saved my life. I will be forever grateful. I am sorry for at first not being open minded about your authority. It brings me great joy that you choose not to send me home. Thanks for that. Another reason I am writing this thank you letter is because you always kept a cool head in the face of danger. No matter the risk. I also thank you for all the research you did before the expedition. It honestly probably save our lives. I’m running out of space to write now, so the last thing I want to thank you for is bringing your slave with you. Not only was he a lot of help with the work, but he, besides Sacajawea, is one of the reasons we got along with the Indians.


                        Thank you


                            One of the men who was lucky enough to join your expedition.

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