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A collection of all of my writings I've done in school, and for other reasons.


7. Fashion Show

I put on a fashion show at my schools talent show by partnering with my local thrift store. This is the script I used. 

Hi, I’m Realistically Abstract and my spark is fashion. In case you don’t know what a spark is yet it’s something that you are passionate about or something that you enjoy doing. So to show you my spark I’ve partnered with the District Exchange to show you some of the clothes they have available, and they have a lot. So without further ado please welcome my first model Julie.

Julie here is sporting one of the many prom dresses that the District Exchange has just acquired. The District Exchange would also like to let you know that each customer is welcome to one prom dress for free. Julie why don’t you give us one last twirl before you send Julia out?

You see the District Exchange doesn’t only have fancy clothes it is full of casual clothes too. Julia here is modeling a teal tank top, and some teal flats. She also helped do some of the models makeup, so let’s give her a round of applause!

    Next we have another prom dress that Hayli is displaying! Hayli actually got her fancy dance dress from the District Echange just over this vacation! This isn’t the one she chose, but doesn’t this one still look great? The dark purple really complements her skin tone.

    Alyssa here is modeling this beautifully green patterned top with a simple long black skirt that really gives full attention to the top. She looks very business like doesn’t she? Oh and how could I forget to mention her lovely green clutch? Let’s give her a round of applause before sending her off.

    Now while I give my models a little while more time to get ready let me tell you a little more about the District Exchange. They are open Mondays 1pm-4pm, Thursdays 4pm-6pm, and Saturdays 10am-12am. They have name brands such as Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, LL Bean, and Calvin Klein. The prom dresses have just came in, and their are some very pretty ones. The District Exchange’s prices are, one regular size grocery bag of clothes for two dollars, 13 gallon bags of clothes for five dollars, and name brand coats for five dollars. And even awesomer? All proceeds benefit the Food Pantry.

    Next coming out we have Bailey who is modeling a very lovely black and nude dress that we found in our search at the District Exchange. When she first came out of the dressing room she was unsure, having not seen it, but her mother, sister, my mother, and I all fell in love with it instantly.  And with good reason, doesn’t she look amazing? Oh and how can I forget the shoes. Those are her favorite part! So Bailey could you send out the next model?

    Sophie here is wearing a flower girl dress we found at the District Exchange and doesn’t she look just adorable? I just love that the District Exchange goes from having plain old t-shirts, to flower girl dresses? Don’t you Sophie?

    Next we have another prom dress modeled by Alyssa! It’s a long black strapless dress, with a white stripe, and white flower detail. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I would have totally taken it if it was in my size, but it was Alyssa’s and she definitely rocks it!

    Here comes Nyia! Nyia here is wearing a very vibrant dress, that we found in the prom section but could be worn on any occasion, at least in my opinion, but if you go to school with me you’ve probably seen me wear a tutu to class, so you may disagree. But, anyway she looks wonderful?

    Coming up next we have Hayli again who his modeling a cute casual outfit we picked out from the District Exchange. Cute sweaters and jeans always work together! Especially on her!

    And lastly but not least is Jordan. Jordan here is modeling _______________________________. And she looks super cute, ready to paarrttty or go hiking.     

Now models, could you all come say one final goodbye? I and the other models would all like to give a special thanks to the District Exchange for letting us borrow your clothes to put on this fashion show, and to my mom, who set up the meeting at the District Exchange, and helped transport clothes/people, and to all of the people who helped me get everyone ready. We couldn’t have done it without you guys. My models do though have one more message that has nothing to do with the fashion show and that is……


*Models* Happy Birthday Kat’s Dad!



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