Illisible Font (The Last Corridor part 2)

What's happening?! Where am I?

...Who is this?


"The child's gone. The world reset again. But this time... I did it." Sans thought. He woke up on his bed again. He slowly got out and sighed. "Hope they made the right choice this time."

This time, Frisk didn't spawn on their bed of flowers. After Sans' reset, they arrived in an different room. And they are not ready for what will happen next. (this is definitively a Sans x Frisk :P)


2. Déjà Vu

"Another reset... They should really start to make better choices." Sans thought. He woke up on his bed again. "Hope this time they learned their lesson." He slowly got down, then walked to the living room. A plate of spaghetti was resting on the kitchen's

counter. There's a sticky note under it. "BROTHER, it said. I'M ON MY TOUR LOOKING FOR HUMANS. EAT THIS WONDERFUL PLATE OF SPAGHETTI AND RUSH TO YOUR POST. YOU'RE LATE!" Sans sighed. This sensation of déjà vu was awful as hell. He don't know what the fuck keeps him from going insane anymore. "Maybe, he thought. I already am insane. That's a probability... Right?" He only hoped that at least if he's insane, he don't need to be tormented by his feelings. "Hate to admit it, he chuckled. But if I eat Paps' spaghetti once more, it's going to make me PASTA' out."

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