The Last Corridor -Undertale Fanfiction-

Somewhat inspired by "Megalomaniac" by Camila Cuevas, an awesome animation that you should check out on YouTube if you haven't seen it yet. Anyway, enjoy! Oh, and, spoilers. (Duh.)


7. Special Attack

They didn't look at Sans with vengeful eyes. They didn't hate him either. They still stares at him, full of compassion and sorrow. They where not mad at Sans. "It's my fault after all", they thought. "I made this happen. I'm the one who killed his brother." Then they whispered a soft apology and attacked.

But this time, they made it till the end.

"I can't do this anymore..." He thought. "They are really determined, aren't they?"

-survive this and I'll show you my special attack.

-Sans... Frisk whispered. They are worried. Not about themselves. They are worried about Sans who was sweating like a fountain. He looked like he could die if he continues to battle. "Alright, here goes nothing".

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