The Last Corridor -Undertale Fanfiction-

Somewhat inspired by "Megalomaniac" by Camila Cuevas, an awesome animation that you should check out on YouTube if you haven't seen it yet. Anyway, enjoy! Oh, and, spoilers. (Duh.)


10. Mistakes

"No....No.... Why... Why did you..." Sans sobbed. Frisk's lifeless corpse was resting in his arms. Their blood was all over the corridor's floor. The golden ceiling reflects crimson everywhere. Sans detects what appears to be an subtle sadistic smile on Frisk's lips. "Please... Wake up." His tears dropped wildly on their closed eyelids. "Frisk... Reset already!" He screamed. "Just fucking do it again!" He closed his eyes (or eye sockets idk :P) hard and tried to remember Frisk's first run. They killed no one. They saved the underground. It was an happy, pacific ending. But then they reset. This time, they killed some of the weakest monsters. Then they killed Undyne. And then... He doesn't remember anymore. But he missed their first run. Suddenly, a sparkle brings him back to reality. He gasped. It was their soul. He stared at it, not knowing what to do. Then he gets the message.

"Take my soul and fix my mistakes." Frisk's voice resonates in his head (or skull, idk either... Anyway I'm ruining the dramatic effect sorry). Chara reacts to it quickly and reaches out for their soul, but Sans was faster. He grabbed the soul first. Chara mumbles something and picked up the knife.

"I think you're missing something", Sans reminds them.

Chara stops moving. Sans has the Reset button under his hand.

-NO! Chara shouted. They placed the knife before them and charges. But Sans already pressed down.

"Give up already, dirty murderer."

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