The Last Corridor -Undertale Fanfiction-

Somewhat inspired by "Megalomaniac" by Camila Cuevas, an awesome animation that you should check out on YouTube if you haven't seen it yet. Anyway, enjoy! Oh, and, spoilers. (Duh.)


3. Memories

Their eyes opened wide in surprise. Their soul barely avoided a row of bones, then a bunch of dragon head-shaped blasters appeared, only to dissemble all the cells in their body. The Game Over screen appeared before them. They did not react, just stood there, staring at absolutely nothing. They didn't even fell the harassing pain that's crawling through their body. Even Chara was impressed, but they quickly started to laugh. "Disgusting maniac laugh",that's what Frisk always thought about it.

-Whew! That was impressive, isn't it? Especially if it's from souch a lazy pack of bones!


-Hahaha! Still not very talkative, am I wrong? The last time you spoke is to beg me to not kill his dumb brother. He was an easy kill. Free exp, as always.

Their memories flew back even though they struggle to forget them. They remembered holding their toy knife and cut off Papyrus' skull. He's last words are still encouragements saying that he trusts them. That they can do a little better.

But they can't.

His dust spread all over the place, covering the surrounding snow. Their tears too.

But the wind quickly erased them.

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