The Last Corridor -Undertale Fanfiction-

Somewhat inspired by "Megalomaniac" by Camila Cuevas, an awesome animation that you should check out on YouTube if you haven't seen it yet. Anyway, enjoy! Oh, and, spoilers. (Duh.)


5. Forget


The only thing that kept them from going insane. It's their however-the-fuck-it-is turn. They can't remember how many times they've loaded their run. Patience. Calm. Sanity. All of this are now rejected to the back of their mind. They just want to finish him. "Just fucking die already!" Chara swore at their twenty-ish run. Frisk already forgotten how is it like to be pacifist or how to spare anyone. Chara's influence on them was insane. They lifted their knife holding arm, only to hit the air once again. They prepared themself to dodge Sans's attacks.

But there was none.

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