Sing with your heart dance with your soul

When Nanami Haruka's pen pal from America decides to help STARISH with their new choreography. However, whenever she tries to come up dances to the songs that Nanami wrote...they dont add up to what the competition shows


4. Its a challenge.....can you accept?

   The boy's walk down the stairs in a hurry and rush over to us. I smile and stand by Iris.

"That was so awesome!" Ittoki says excited. The other's nod in agreement, Natsuki looks at me.

"Nanami-chan, is this your friend Iris?" he asks. I smile and nod, "Indeed it is, I was hoping you guy's like her dancing style..because she does more than that." I say

All of their eyes widen in excitement, all of the sudden out of the blue we hear laughing. That could mean only one thing, Our president is coming SHINING. There's a big puff of smoke in front of us, we all cough and see him behind Iris. She looks behind her and squeaks and jumps back.

"Welcome to STARISH Ms, Irrrriiisss." He says while rolling his R's.

She looks at me like she's in a horror movie, I giggled and reassured her not to worry about our president. He's been like that ever since we were in sotame, she sighs and looks at SHINING. He smirks and inspects her, this isn't going to be good.....Iris doesn't like some people that she just met in her bubble.

"So, you think you have the guts to be the new choreographer hmmmmm???" He asks

" si-" he interrupts her

"You are not compatible just yet....first the senior singers must test you hard and so will Ms. Nanami and STARISH. If you will simply pack your thing's and go back home." He says

"EHHHH??!?!!?!?!" We all say in unison.

"Good luck!" He laughs and disappears

Iris sits there in shock, she breathes a bit heavy. Uh oh.....panic attack! this isn't good!

She sways from side to side dizzy and faints. Ren and Cecil catch her in time before she can hit the ground, they put her on one of the couches close to us. I sigh a bit

"Jezz...did he really have to be THAT harsh to her?" syo  says

"Well.....remember he did that to Nanami? " Masto says.

We all sigh and remember the memory. I remember that day....but it wasn't was happy...


AUTHORS NOTE: I am sooooo sorry that I didn't update! I've been having a stressful week of school and....=_= i'm going to yell at one of my teachers one of these day's....BUT! here's chapter four! enjoy!

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