Who Knew?

I was just a girl that worked at McDonald's. Who Knew that I would get fired for listening to music, then meet my favorite band? Exactly, no one would expect for that to happen. Who knew that one of the band members would change my life? He changed my life, and I'm never going back.


1. Chapter 1

     Kat's POV

I can feel you watching even when you're nowhere to be seen

And i can feel you-

My music suddenly stopped. Oh shit.

Well, I work the drive through at McDonald's. I know, I know, the worst job an 18 year old could ever have. And lately, I will put my ear buds in with the volume up all the way. They are probably going to fire me.

My favorite band is Five Seconds Of Summer. They are the only band I listen to while I'm at work. But, my boss, Amy, pulled out my ear buds faster than I thought possible.

"Kat, this man has been trying to get your attention for at least five minutes. You can't listen to music here anymore." Amy said.

"That is SO unfair. Rob gets to listen to music!"

"He only cooks, he doesn't take orders. What were you listening to this time?" She asks, putting in one of my ear buds.

"Ugh, you were listening to that stupid boy band again."

"They are NOT a boy band. They are a punk rock band, not a pop band like One Direction."

"What's the band called again? I know it has the word Seconds in it."

"They are called Five Seconds Of Summer. They are NOT a boy band. Their music is WAY better than the music you listen to."

"I listen to country music."


"You're fired! I have had enough with your attitude and smart mouth! Finish your shift, today is your last day here!" Amy yelled, walking away. Great. Just lost my job. Oh god. The customer waiting in drive through had to listen to our whole argument. I feel so bad.

I turned to the mic.

"Um, sorry, sir, that you had to hear that argument. Um, how can I help you?" I ask.

"Um, 4 large fries, 1 plain burger. . . 2 Big Macs. . . 1 breakfast burrito, if you give that at this time. . ." A voice said.

"Yes, we still serve that at night." I answered in a bored voice.

"Okay. . . And 4 large cokes."

"Is that all?"


"Okay, $23.94."

I gave the order to Rob, and walked over to the next window. The car was already there. I pulled open the window.

"Um, sorry, how much did it cost again?"  I know that Australian accent anywhere. I turned to look at the person in the car. Ashton Irwin was in the drivers seat. I gasped. My favorite band, right in front of me. No other fans to push past me.

I heard some one chuckle from the passenger seat. I looked closer. Luke Hemmings was in the passenger seat. That must mean that Calum Hood and Michael Clifford are in the backseat.

"I see that we've found ourselves a fan." Luke says, with a smirk on his face.

"Dude, don't act like we didn't already know. We heard her and her boss get into a fight, and she defended us, I guess you could say. She called us a boy band, and she corrected her, saying we're a punk rock band. Thank you, Kat." Ashton said.

"Um, your welcome. Oh, and the cost of your food is $23.94."

"Here, and, sorry that you got fired." Ashton said, handing me the money.

"Don't say sorry. It's not your fault that I love your music." I smiled. Ashton and Luke smiled, too. Michael and Calum were probably smiling, too.

"Kat! Their fucking food is done! Move your lazy ass and come and get it!" Rob yelled. I sighed and walked over to him. He handed me the food with an irritated expression.

I walked back to the window, handing Ashton their food.

"Thank you, Kat."

"Your welcome." I said, starting to walk away from the window. But, before I could get far. . .

"Hey, Kat! Come here!" Luke yelled. I turned around and walked back to the window.


"Here's my number." Luke said, handing me a piece of notebook paper with his number on it.


"No problem. Can I have yours?" 

"Um, sure." I handed him a piece of paper with my number.

"See ya!" He winked at me before Ashton sped off. Did me and Luke Hemmings just swap phone numbers?


It was about 3 in the morning, and my phone started to ring. I groaned and picked it up.

"Hello?" I asked. I wasn't tired, I was watching Mean Girls.

"Hey, Kat." Luke replied.

"Oh, hey."

"I didn't know if you would be awake when I called, thank god you were."

I giggled, and I heard him chuckle.

"So. . . Whatcha doin'?" He asked.

"Watchin' Mean Girls. You?"

"Oh. My. God. I LOVE Mean Girls."

"Obviously. So, what are you doing?"

"Talking to you."

"I know that. I meant before you were talking to me."

"Oh. I was trying to find you on snapchat, twitter, and insta."

"You don't know my last name."

"I know. I never said that I found you." I laughed.

"You're right. You never did say you found me. You must've had a REALLY hard time cuz Kat is my nickname."

"Wait. So I've been looking through thousands of people when I thought Kat was your REAL name?!"


"Can you tell me your real first and last name?"


"Because I always follow the people I like." I blushed.

"Okay. My name is Katherine Lasher."

"Thank you, Kat."

"No problem. Just NEVER call me Katherine. I will completely ignore you."

"Okay, okay. Don't need to be so harsh." 

I laughed, so did Luke.

"Oh, sorry, Kat. I gotta go. I will text you, I promise." Luke sounded disappointed when he said he had to leave.

"Oh, okay. Bye Luke."


The phone call ended, but I wish it didn't. I mean, he's one of my idols, and now I have his number and he has mine. Any fan would kill to have his number, I know that because I've heard them say it before. Most of their fans are really over protective. I was never that type of fan, and I know that I never will be.


Luke: Hey. U still up?

Me: Ya, I don't have a job anymore. . . I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO BED!!!

Luke: Haha. Sorry that you got fired because of us

Me: Again, not your fault that your music is awesome

Luke:Awww, thanks

Me: There's no need to thank me for telling the truth 

Luke: xD Wanna hang out?

Me: Sure. . . When?

Luke: How about tomorrow?

Me: Sure. Where?

Luke: I will pick you up, we're off tour now, so me and you are gonna hang out at my place, if that's okay?

Me: Yea, it's fine

Luke: I need your address

Me: I live on the corner of Eastern Ave. . . If you know where that is

Luke: Oh! You live across the street from Michael, like literally across the street.

Me: Kool. I didn't think anyone lived there

Luke: Haha, how long have you lived there?

Me: My whole life

Luke: Michael's lived in his house his whole life. Do you live with your parents?

Me: No. . . They passed away when I was 16

Luke: Oh. . . I'm sorry that I was so insensitive

Me: It's okay, you didn't know

Luke: Okay. . . I will pick you up around 11

Me: kk, see ya then

Luke: See ya then


I only have two hours to get ready till Luke gets here. He said that we're just hanging at his place, so I should dress causal. Wait, what am I talking about? I'm always dressed casual, no matter what.

So, I decided on wearing ripped black skinny jeans, a Green Day crop top, and white vans.

I loosely curled my long, dirty blonde hair. Is there such thing as too casual? Cause I'm probably too causal. I put on my glasses, that actually look really good on me. (Her glasses look like Ashton's)

I heard my doorbell ring. It was only ten, so it couldn't be Luke. I ran downstairs and opened the door. My best friend, Izzy, stood in front of me. She looked paralyzed.

"Hey, Izzy. What's wrong?" I asked.

"Have you checked Luke Hemmings twitter today?"

"No, why?"

She handed me her phone. It was on his latest tweet.

It said, "Going to hang out with probably the prettiest girl ever, today at eleven :) She made my day yesterday when she said she'd hang out with me."

So, Luke tweeted about me, but didn't say it was me. Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you about Izzy. She's obsessed with 5sos, but mostly Michael and Luke.

"I wonder who the girl is. . . " She said.

"I know who it is. . . "

"WHAT?!" She screamed.

"You can't tell anyone, but it's me."

"No, it can't be."

"Luke gave me his number at McDonald's yesterday, I also got fired. We called and texted last night." I showed her mine and Luke's texts from yesterday.

She looked absolutely shocked.

"I better go. . ." She said before leaving.


I was watching Doctor Who. There was a knock at the front door. I turned the TV off, and opened the door. Luke was standing in front of me with his hands in his pockets.

I have to say, he looked hot. He was wearing a Nirvana Tee with ripped black skinny jeans and black vans.

"So. . . We're gonna watch Mean Girls, go swimming in my pool, play video games, and then hang out with the guys. That okay?"

"Yeah. It's perfect. Just let me grab a bathing suit, you can come in."

I walked upstairs while Luke walked in and looked around. Quickly, I put a bikini into my sling purse, and walked back downstairs.

"You ready?" He asked.


"Okay, lets go!" He yelled, running out the front door. I laughed and ran behind him.

His black SUV was parked in front of my house. When we got to it, he opened the passenger door for me. I smiled and climbed in. He climbed into the drivers side and started driving.


Me and Luke just finished watching Mean Girls. I'm changing into my bikini in the bathroom, and he's changing into his swimming trunks in his room. When I was in my dark purple bikini, I walked out, and waited for Luke. A couple minutes later, he walked out of his room, and grabbed my hand, which took me by surprise.

Why did he take my hand? I'm not complaining, but it just shocked me. He pulled me towards glass sliding doors. He slid them open and walked me over to a HUGE built in pool.

It was amazingly huge.

"Let's jump." He suggested. I nodded.

He jumped in first, and I did it right after him. The water was cold, which was good since we were in Sydney, and it's really hot out.

We had a splashing fight, than just swam and talked.

"So. . . I hear that you tweeted that you were hanging out with me today." I said. He started blushing like crazy.

"How did you know?" He asked.

"My friend, Izzy, showed me."


"I didn't know that I made your day. You made mine when you said I'm probably one of the prettiest girls ever." He blushed even more.

"Well, I wasn't lying when I said it." 


   Luke's POV

Kat is so pretty, and she probably doesn't even know it. I love her hair, her green eyes that are always sparkling, her lip piercing, her nose piercing, her belly button piercing, and she looked amazing in that bikini.

Most fans would be tearing me to pieces if they were hanging out with me, but not her. She's not like the rest of them.There is something about her that makes me want her.

Kat is just so different from everyone else. Maybe that's why I like her. Because she doesn't try to fit in. And believe me, I hate it when girls try their best to fit in. It's just so unattractive.

Actually, I'm really surprised right now. I heard her and her boss' fight, and I could tell that she was a fan girl. But, I gave her my number, took her to my house, held her hand, and swam with her. There are two things that surprised me. First off, she's not freaking out. Second off, I think I like her, which really surprised me. And I don't know why.


   Kat's POV

Luke is driving me home after we hung out with the guys. We ordered a pizza, well, pizzas, and hung out with the guys. After pizza, we all played FIFA.

It was really fun, and I think Luke thinks the same. He was smiling the whole time. Except, now, he's frowning. Why?

We pulled into my driveway. I kinda always forget how huge my mansion is, and I live alone. So, big mansion all for myself. Before I could open my door, Luke did it for me. I smiled at him, and he smiled back.

He walked me to my front porch, and looked at me.

"Well, um. . . Thanks for hanging out with me." Luke said.

"Your welcome, even though I should be the one thanking you. I had so much fun."

"Um, your welcome. See ya later."

"See ya."

I watched him drive off. Do I sound crazy for hoping that he would kiss me like in a romantic movie? Yeah, sounds pretty crazy. Jeez, I need to watch less movies, especially romantic ones.

When he didn't lean in to kiss me, I literally felt reality slap me in the face. This is the real world, and why would someone famous like him want to kiss me. 

Exactly. He wouldn't.








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