Mad Human

When the world takes a turn to the worst, there is one hope, that is a teenager: Noah Theodore Kuklo. Noah will do what it takes to make his, and his friends life’s better, even if it breaks him. He will fight, not only the undiscovered virus, but also himself; from the mental struggles of losing his friends and family, to having to do the morally wrong, and going against all the things that was taught to him as important. But in the middle of an apocalypse, nothing matters but survival.


6. Chapter 6

“This day will go down, as a day of bravery, dignity, and loyalty.” that is what Nathan told us right before we left the camp.  Do you remember me telling you about this is not a war you sign up for, well this battle is, I chose to go on this trip, no body forced me too?

            We left the camp and got in these military looking vehicles, similar to a Humvee.  I still didn’t know where I was at, maybe I’ll never find out.  Maybe I won’t ever return to the home I lived in for fifteen years of my life, I might never see Gabe, Hunter or Michael again.  There are properly worried about me right now, well not Gabe.

            So as we go down the road nothing looks familiar, besides the white and yellow lines.  Up ahead you could see a congregation of freaks.  I was well equipped for a battle, with two other guys fighting beside me, and driver, and backup driver, incase things get ugly.

            This will be the closest I have ever killed one of these freaks.  I’ve always just shot from about forty yards, it’s safer that was.  But this will be up-close, and dangerous.  The first one came running at me, I immediately froze in a panic.  Nathan dove, and tackled me, with the sound of gun shots that freak went down.  It fell right beside me, like a couple in a bed.  I realized I just endangered the lives of the whole group.

            After that scare I was ready, I ran straight for the herd of them.  I started shooting at about five yards, but kept running.  The blood splashing on my body, puss and guts all over the ground.  And also one of our men, laying, lifeless on the ground.

            I dropped to my knees, I never killed a human before.  Freaks are different, you’re doing them a favor by putting them out of their misery.  But this was an able bodied human being, I killed him.  You must think I’m a bad person, well I am, at least I’m treating myself as such.  I was crying over the death of someone I knew nothing about.  Why was this so emotional to me.  Then Nathan came and pulled me up off the ground, he reassured me it was not my fault.

            Then Nathan striped the kid, straight down to his bare skin.  They will use the clothes for other kids, this guy won’t need them anymore.  This kid looked so helpless, with a hole right through his forehead.  It barely blead, but somehow there was a puddle of blood on the asphalt under him.

            Then another wave of them came up the bank, and a lot more this time.  There was too many for me and Nathan to kill ourselves.  We killed as many as we could on our run back to the Humvee.  That was only about twenty, out of the hundreds that where coming.  But where were they coming from.

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