Mad Human

When the world takes a turn to the worst, there is one hope, that is a teenager: Noah Theodore Kuklo. Noah will do what it takes to make his, and his friends life’s better, even if it breaks him. He will fight, not only the undiscovered virus, but also himself; from the mental struggles of losing his friends and family, to having to do the morally wrong, and going against all the things that was taught to him as important. But in the middle of an apocalypse, nothing matters but survival.


32. Chapter 32

I was woken from my nice slumber by a yell.  It was J2, he was in trouble.  I ran out the doors to the court yard where I saw J2 and Layla setting by the fire; I didn’t even notice Layla wasn’t beside me when I woke.

            “What was that for?”  I said in a tired, mad tone.

            “You was sleeping, I needed to get you up.” J2 replied.

            Layla couldn’t help but laugh.

            J2 had breakfast cooking on the open fire, pancakes, bacon and eggs.  It has been days since I have eaten.

            “Thought you would never wake up” Layla had the nerve to remark.

            “Yea I shouldn’t have.”

            “We are leaving at eleven hundred hours.” J2 said like he was in charge.

            “Yea okay,” I replied, “don’t let the power get to you.”

            It was already ten thirty, how was I supposed to be ready by eleven o’clock; it was merely impossible.  I guess it was my fault, I shouldn’t have slept in so long.  I packed all my things that I unpacked, back into the vehicle.


            It was nearing eleven o’clock now, and Layla and J2 were still having a talkfest by the fire; I don’t blame them, the warmth from the fire was pleasantly comforting.

            “Let’s go.” I demanded.

            “Don’t let the power get to your head.” J2 said as a mockery.

            If it was any other time, I would have shot him where he sat.  Today I needed him, but tomorrow was different; tomorrow was open game.  Should I teach him to respect me?  Should I let him know that I was the power, and he was just a swaying opinion?


            With little more argument, we proceeded down the east coast; J2 driving of course.  I’m not one to judge, but he should stick to flying airplanes.  He was driving faster than I would ever drive that vehicle.

            “I worked for the pit crew, at the NASCAR races before.” J2 remarked.

            “Yea, those days are over!” I said in fear, as he almost hit a deer in the back woods part of the state.

            We were moving pretty good, there isn’t much to say about it though.  We stopped at the beach when the sun was going down.  It would be a good spot to rest for the night, who knows where J2 would sleep; but I knew right where I was sleeping, looking up at the moon light sky, with Layla lying next to me.

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