Mad Human

When the world takes a turn to the worst, there is one hope, that is a teenager: Noah Theodore Kuklo. Noah will do what it takes to make his, and his friends life’s better, even if it breaks him. He will fight, not only the undiscovered virus, but also himself; from the mental struggles of losing his friends and family, to having to do the morally wrong, and going against all the things that was taught to him as important. But in the middle of an apocalypse, nothing matters but survival.


30. Chapter 30

This note read: “Hello again, by you reading this note you are either the smartest person I know (being able to defuse the bomb), or the most cowardly person; I’m goanna go with cowardly.  How many people did you let die at my camp, those are all on you?  I hope you can live with yourself, kind of like I had to when you ditched me.  Have fun finding me, ALONE. P.S. You should have cut the green wire.”

            This did nothing but make me mad.  I would have search the whole camp, just to be sure there was no survivors.  In the middle of the camp was the shell of a chemical weapon, a bomb.  Michael was a bomb expert at this point.

            Everyone looked as if they were burned from the inside out.  It was terrible, the tumors covering the bodies of these people.  You couldn’t recognize them due to the skin boils.  They were not clothed; they tore them off to escape their bodies.

            I heard weeping, not far, the next building over; the armory.

            Inside the armory I found Layla; cold, hungry, and crying.  She quickly jumped up and hugged me, happy to see me.

            “What happened?” I asked

            “Michael and his group came and set a bomb off in the center of the camp, I ran to the armory to get one of the gas masks.”

            “Where did he go, did he talk to you?”

            “I hid in here, I was in fear for my life, I didn’t see what way they went.”

            “Are you okay?”

            “Yea I’m fine I guess, are you okay”

            “I will be, Michael left me a note saying you betrayed my, tell me that’s not true.”

            “I would never, I love you.”

            I couldn’t help but believe her.  Michael would know how to get at me.  He knew she was the only person I cared about, anymore.”

            “I’m going to find Michael and his girlfriend, and then, well I shouldn’t tell you what I’m going to do to them.”

            “I want to help; I’m pissed for what they did to this camp.”

            “Yea, Yea, we have to go though, it’s not safe here anymore.” I quickly stated.

            We packed everything that was salvageable into the only vehicle that we had left, a vehicle only I knew about, well Nathan knew about it; only the director of the military was allowed to know.  It was stored in an underground garage that would lift up when the button was pushed.

            This vehicle was a missile carrier; a MZKT-79221 to be specific.  It wasn’t exactly what we needed, but it would get us where we are going.  It is slow, and uses allot of diesel fuel.

            We would make a thirty-four-mile journey to the nearest military base.  Once there, we will rearm, resupply and get back on our feet.  It would take all night to get there, I’m not sure if there are an inhabitance there or not.  I guess we will find out.

            This means that I will have to fight my way to the top once again.

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