Mad Human

When the world takes a turn to the worst, there is one hope, that is a teenager: Noah Theodore Kuklo. Noah will do what it takes to make his, and his friends life’s better, even if it breaks him. He will fight, not only the undiscovered virus, but also himself; from the mental struggles of losing his friends and family, to having to do the morally wrong, and going against all the things that was taught to him as important. But in the middle of an apocalypse, nothing matters but survival.


13. Chapter 13

The next morning, I got the best ten fighters and went out looking for the dumb kids that got lost finding water.  I wouldn’t let Gabe go, he was to valuable.  Michael was my leader for the second team.  I would take five and he would take five.

            We would take two of the six Humvees left, the only other vehicle was a tank, and that wasn’t necessary.  Michael went left, and I went right.  We would cover two square miles each.  That was the farthest I would allow the teams to go.

            I went no more than half a mile, and there was the two Humvees.  They were our Humvees, but there was none of our people, there was one kid that used to be one of us, but he was gone now, he was a freak.  So I made one of my men kill the poor kid.

            They were out of the Humvees when they were killed, but there had to be two hundred freaks to kill my group.  They were hard fighters.  And there was only twenty or so dead on the ground.  That means they are still around.

            I would drive one Humvee, and I would have another kid drive the other.  Then I heard a distress call from the other group.  It was Michael, he was using a hand held radio. 

            He told us he got separated from the group, he was running away.  He had to be three or four miles away from the camp.  The button was held in, I heard him scream, the sound of torture.  He surely wouldn’t survive.  He was yelling for help.  It was too late.  The radio went mute.

            I would have to accept the fact that Michael was dead, the only person I had left was Gabe.  I would miss Michael.  He would be recognized for his contribution to the camp.  He would have a monument.  There was not a debate over it, if it didn’t happen I would blow up the biggest bomb on the base, and that was all there was to it!

            By the time we got back to the gate of the base, the other group was there.  I had so much rage, I grabbed the one kid by the throat, lifting him off the ground a few inches.  But then Gabe came and calmed me down.

            I was wrong it wasn’t that kids fault, Michael got lost and couldn’t survive.

            This was the worst day of my life.

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