Pokemon adventure


2. First catch

I walked down the path to Pewter city, and constantly grabbing my pokeball, just to make sure it wasn't a dream. I started of walking slowly and calm down the road, but as my excitement grew, so did my walking speed, and i ended up sprinting down the path. Suddenly i fell over a vine. I fell over 10 metres!... well not quite 10 metres, but it sure as hell felt like it.

In my anger i turned around and kicked a huge boulder with all my strength left in my legs, after the sprinting. At first i was satisfied, but when the rock silently lifted itself of the ground i froze.

It stared at me with anger in its eyes. Without even noticing i nervously grabbed my pokedex from my backpocket and pointed it at it.

Geodude the ground and rock type pokemon. Found in fields and mountains. Mistaking them for boulders, people often step or trip on them.

"Geodude" i whispered to myself. Not gonna lie i felt less scared after that information, not because i now knew what it was capable of, but because i now knew that it often was mistaking for a rock, by other people, and i hadn't heard about people being injured by one.

It was getting ready to attack. I nervously grabbed my pokeball and threw out magby.

"Magby use ember" i yelled

Magby threw out a pathetic flame from its mouth and it hit geodude

Nothing... I was stunned how did it do nothing?

As i still stood wondering how we did no damage to it. Geodude picked up a rock and threw it towards magby... BOOM! Right in the stomach.

Magby fell down with a big noise to it... He was down for the count.

Now the geodude turned around and was focused on me. I took magby back into its pokeball and looked back at the geodude. He grabbed another rock and aimed at me... This was my chance i took s rock and threw it ad hard as i could towards geodude. I hit his hand, which made him lose his grib, and the rock fell down on him. He passed out and i threw a pokeball at him.

It shaked.

One time

Two times

Three times


Nah just kidding i caught it. My very first caught pokemon... Geodude :-)

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