Pokemon adventure


1. A new beginning

It was a lovely sunny day which made me love it even more. Today was my first day as a pokemon trainer. I have been waiting for years, for this day to come, and finally it arrived. For a 10 year old boy from Pallet town its a pretty big deal to travel out on your own. Years back a guy named Ash left Pallet Town with a dream and actually ended up pretty succesfull. He is my idol. Back in his day there were only a small handfull of pokemon in the kanto region. But as time goes new pokemon arrives in kanto. I was going to see prof. Oak today, because he have promised me a starter pokemon. Unfortunately the "original" starter pokemon were already taken, but he promised me he would have 3 other pokemons available for me to choose from. With that in mind i bursted through the door and started to run... When i realized i forgot to say goodbye to my mother. I made a big U-turn and bursted through the our front door yet again. I told my mom i was sorry for just leaving without saying goodbye, but as sassy as she was she just replied with "i knew you would come back... You forgot your lunch" and with a smile on my face i kissed my mom goodbye.

I arrived at Oaks lab just in time. I nervously knocked the door and i old man opened the door. "Hi Oak" i started "i'm ready to start my journey". The old man smiled all over his face and kindly waved me i. I entered a lab filled with scientist and machines. I kept myself close to Oak just to be on the safe side. We soon entered a medium sized room with a small table, where 3 red pokeballs were laying. "Go ahead and choose young man" he said. He didn't need to tell me that twice.

The first pokemon: horsea the water pokemon

The second pokemon: magby the fire pokemon

The third and last pokemon: budew the grass pokemon

From my perspective it wasn't a tough choice. "I'll take magby of course" i said with a selfconfident voice, "well in that case take this" Oak handed me a red gameboy looking device, "this is a pokedex it's used to record data on the pokemon you encounter and even more data on the obes you catch". He also handed me some pokeballs to start of with. Afterwards i kindly said my farewell to Oak, and left in a hurry because of the excitement of finally having a pokemon. I looked out on the long road to the next city and realized that the moment i've been wating for, for years finally had arrived.

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